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Ideas for Painting a Small Bathroom

Pragya T Mar 14, 2019
With just a few good ideas for painting a small bathroom, you can make even a small space look brighter and bigger.
White and off-whites are the most popular colors for a small bathroom. However, one doesn't have to stick with these traditional colors. There are many ways of painting a small space creatively. No matter what ideas you go with, understanding some basics when painting small spaces will surely help you.
Try to always go with lighter shades which are close to white. Go with lighter shades, as they tend to reflect light better and open up the space. Avoid completely painting the walls with dark colors as they tend to reflect less light and make the space look smaller than it is.
If you have to use dark colors on the bathroom walls then use it sparingly. Another thing one can do to make the bathroom look bigger is to maintain long clean lines. You can paint some elegant design or use striped designs on the wall to make it look longer.

Single Color Theme

Single color schemes are the best if you have a very small bathroom. A color like white or off-white is an ideal choice of paint color. Paint the walls with a light shade of white like off-white. Then add 2-3 accessories to decorate like a houseplant, candles, vase, etc.
But, if you have a medium bathroom, then go for a single bright color. Sunshine yellow is a good choice for children's bathroom. For an adult's bathroom, use a light shade of blue, yellow, or green. In a small space you can create a nice analogous color scheme as well.
For example, paint walls light yellow and use items which are of orange and green color to decorate. Analogous color schemes give a fresh look.
DIY Tip: Simply use a roller and buy the paint color of your choice. Use large rollers to quickly finish the paint job and use small rollers for the corners.

Dichromatic Color Scheme

Consider combinations like white-pink, white-blue, white-green, white-yellow, white-red, white-orange, etc. Keep 70% white and 30% color, as the color should not stand out too much. Keep the walls white and use  large, solid tiles if you don't want to paint.
DIY Tip: First paint the walls with a light color and then paint with the darker color. Save some paint to do touch ups later on.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

This gives a look of harmony, as the colors blend easily with each other. Monochromatic color schemes have shades of the same color. Blue schemes are popular. You can also go for yellow and gray colors.
DIY Tip: Simply buy one dark color of the paint and lot of white paint. Keep mixing white to make different shades of the same color for a monochromatic theme.

Walls with Elegant Designs

Painting the walls with some elegant designs will instantly add an interesting focal point to the walls. This will make the bathroom look even more elegant and attractive.
You can do this by selecting a single color for the entire wall. Then on two to three corners of the bathroom walls, paint small floral designs. Keep the color of the base paint lighter and the design darker.
DIY Tip: Buy cheap stencils from the supermarket and use them to quickly paint designs on the wall. Use a small roller to print the design on the wall.

Abstract Design on Walls

If you want to try something different, then consider going with some abstract shapes and design paint ideas for your small bathroom. To decorate the walls with abstract designs, use a two color theme or a multi-colored theme.
For example, paint all the walls in one shade and then paint one wall in two color stripes. Or paint all the walls white, and on one wall paint some multi-color blobs. You can also paint a checkered pattern on one wall.
DIY Tip: Make your own abstract shapes using cardboard. Create stencils using the cardboard, and quickly paint these designs on wall.

Faux Painting Ideas

Faux paintings can make your bathroom look classy. Consider painting your bathroom into different textures. You can paint a light marble-colored faux finish. You can also in a monochromatic bathroom of gray theme, paint one wall with stone faux finish. Or you can even paint bamboo faux finish.
DIY Tip: Make sure you practice the faux painting on a piece of board first, before you attempt doing it on the walls.
No matter what kind of ideas you choose, make sure you prepare the walls properly with a sealer and primer. And after you are done painting, use a semi-gloss finish to protect the walls against any water or moisture damage.