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Ingenious Decoration Ideas to Enhance the Look of Your Sofa Table

Ideas for Decorating a Sofa Table
Bring your sofa table to life by using some of the simple ideas mentioned here. Watch how these ideas also add a dash of jazz to the surrounding, as well as enhance the table itself.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2019
A sofa table is a highly functional piece of furniture, but that does not mean it cannot be decorated to create a beautiful focal point in a living room. There is so much you can do to it to enhance it, within a restricted budget.
If you are a decorating enthusiast, you probably already have a lot of ideas off the top of your head. For those of you who aren't into decorating as much but would still like to do something to make these tables look more lively, here are some great ideas.
Simple and Unique Ideas
The extent to which you can decorate a sofa table depends on the shape, size and utility of the table. If the table is used for a variety of purposes, then the lesser there is on the table, the better.
A very low table can be decorated with slightly taller elements, while a table of the regular height will require smaller elements so that they don't block out one person's view of another. So here are some very simple to execute ideas.
Luxury Living Room
For tables with a glass top and a lower shelf, in a tray, place pebbles of different colors or just white pebbles. On these pebbles, you may then place small plants such as the bamboo, or a bonsai.
Without hindering the top of the table, these elements will add a unique decorative aspect to your living room and the seating area. You may also use colorful artificial plants for that much-needed but subtle dash of color.
Use a simple table cover made of lace or even silk, and use carved wooden block tea-light holders on each corner to hold the table cover in place. Light these up in the evenings to create a relaxing atmosphere.
If you can, add a water feature to the center of the table such as a bowl with water and flower petals or floating candles to it. Brought together, these elements are enough to transform your seating area and the sofa table into a dazzling haven.
Contemporary Designed Living Room
Collections of miniatures such as pots, animal figurines, stick figures, or even cars and bikes can be placed in the center or one corner of the table to create a focal point. Don't overdo it. Just 2-3 miniatures are fine. Usually, pots of different heights and sizes with one flower each in them do the trick.
Summer Decoration with seashells
You can of course experiment with other elements such as shells, or sea animal figurines such as sea horses. Whatever they are, let them be on their own. Don't add other elements as they will steal from the show these miniatures are meant to bring out.
Combine different colored wine and champagne glasses of different heights, (say 4-5 at the center of the table), and fill them with sand at different levels. Now place tea lights in them, and voila! Your simple table decoration is ready. You don't need to do anything else with your table.
candles in jar filled with sand
If you have trouble finding colored glasses, make a little project of your own and paint them. You will have a personalized centerpiece that no one else will have, and a great one at that.
Luxury Living Room
Keep it simple by placing plants at the center of the table and highlight the table with low, decorative hanging lights. There is nothing else that you need to do with this table then. Your sofa seating, colored cushions, and all other elements will come together to highlight your coffee table.
young man painting an old wooden table
Finally, paint the table. Get yourself an old, vintage sofa table from a garage sale or a flea market, sand it and paint on it whatever you like. It could be the face of a woman or a man, a landscape, graffiti art, or any other kind of decorative painting.
But remember that once you do this, there is no way you should add anything else to it or around it. Just like colorful rugs, you can create a gorgeous, colorful coffee table and see the magic it creates in the space around.
Remember that you do not want to overdo anything. Keep it simple but decorative; let it be the focal point but not steal all the attention. This takes a lot of trial and error, which you can safely do, and then decide eventually what you want your table and its surroundings to look like. Enjoy bringing out the decorator in you!