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Ideas for Decorating Dorm Rooms

Creative Ideas for Decorating a Dorm Room for it to Look Stunning

A dorm room is a home away from home, but it lacks many facilities. However, with proper decoration, it can be as homely as possible.
Reshma Jirage
Last Updated: Feb 20, 2019
Are you a college student? Moved out and living away from your home? You must be enjoying your independent life in the dorm rooms of your college. It is a place, where the students can relax, study, read novels, watch movies, play games, etc. In short, it's like a home away from home.
Antique Twin Beds
Since most dorm rooms are inexpensive, they might not be much luxurious. They are provided typically with basic facilities like beds, desks, dressers, and a carpet. Many of you may find it quite boring to live in such a place.
However, you can be creative and decorate the room in your own style. This small room is going to be your home for several months; so, you should make it comfortable and inviting. Here are some creative ideas to help you out.
Decoration Ideas
Decorating your dorm room can be a bit challenging task. Since you are sharing it with your roommate, you should take into consideration his/her opinions also.
If you share a good rapport with your roommate, and your tastes are similar, then you can take his/her help for decorations. Before taking any step, it is essential to understand the college rules, and take the necessary permissions.
Optimizing the Space
Single bed room
You can select a particular theme and plan the decorations accordingly. You can find various interior decorating ideas from books, magazines, or websites. While purchasing the items for decoration, first check your budget and the space available.
If you have a big budget and enough space, then you can purchase a TV set, stereo, cleaning supplies, desk lamps, trash can, linens, and towels as well as basic kitchen gears like utensils, can opener, etc. If you have a small space, then you should look for storage items like plastic rolling storage baskets.
Always opt for multi-functional items. Attach metal towel hangers or plastic hooks to the closet door or at the back of the room door, where you can hang your clothes. This will provide more space in the room and will also keep things organized.
Luxury Childrens Bedroom
Here, the bed is the biggest piece of furniture and it serves as a couch, study area, and as a coffee table as well. So, choose the bed that is comfortable and easy to clean. Select fluffy pillows for it.
You can increase the storage space by selecting a high bed, or by raising the bed with cement blocks or bricks. Store your luggage and boxes under it.
Bedroom In Rustic House Wooden Floor
You may paint the walls in a fresh color of your choice, if it is allowed. You can decorate the walls with beautiful posters, frames, or wall hangings. You can collect beautiful postcards and paste them like a poster.
Stylish Room For Female Student
A desk lamp is essential for late-night studying. You can also add different beautiful types of mini-lights to the walls, which create a more personal atmosphere.
If you have an artistic hand, then you can draw beautiful murals on the walls, using colored chalks, or butcher paper, and colored pencils. This can be an appealing addition to the wall decorations. Such murals can be easily removed or washed off.
Decorate the windows with suction cup decorations and colorful curtains. Select the curtains that suit the overall theme. Plants make the atmosphere refreshing, lively, and give a more homely feel. Place a potted plant at the corner of the room.
Bookends and Tables
Elephant Bookends
Being a student, you certainly would have plenty of books. Then, why don't you get the bookends from the bookstore? It definitely adds beauty to your room decorations.
een Modern Room Interior
You can also purchase a table that can accommodate your TV or computer. A comfortable computer chair can be used for additional seating.
With these wonderful ideas, give a personal touch to your room and get an appreciation from your friends for your creativity. Your beautifully decorated dorm room will give you a feel of being at home and you will never be homesick.