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Ideas for Covering Sidelight Windows

Ideas for Covering Sidelight Windows

Privacy is not a luxury. It is a prerequisite in your life. So if you want some amazing ideas for covering your front door sidelight windows, then you are at the right place.
Anuja Marathe Kanhere
Sidelight windows have been considered a thing of beauty, adding extra sunlight to your foyer or your living room. If paired with a beautifully designed front door and a porch, then sidelight windows add a grace to the external look of your home. On the downside however, sidelight windows steal the much-needed privacy of your home. And if you have some really poky neighbors, then sidelight windows are a perfect giveaway of your presence at home. Here are ideas to bring privacy to your home along with some beautification.

Adding Privacy and Beauty to Sidelight Windows

Sheer Curtains
Sheer curtains are the thin filmy material used as curtains that are useful to maintain the much need privacy along with flooding the foyer or your living room with an extra brightness. Choose a curtain with some embroidered design and a set of curtain rods to match the whole interior look of your foyer. Sheer curtains are really expensive and need a lot of regular washing to maintain them. Soak them overnight in some warm detergent solution and wash them clean the next day.

Rice Paper Film
An adhesive strip of rice paper stuck to your sidelight windows adds a look of calmness and tranquility to your home. The film is also used as a means for protection from UV rays especially if your windows face the east or to west. Ensure to stick the film on after thoroughly cleaning the glass surface first. Rice Paper films are long-lasting and cheap. You can buy an 80 inch long film for approximately $25.

Wooden Blinds
Use wooden blinds if you want to block the sunlight completely. These blinds can be hung at the top of the window and are easy to pull up or down as required. At times, it is possible to partially open the blinds and let in some light. Wooden blinds are easy to clean and a wet piece of cloth suits the purpose. There is a vivid color range in wood blinds, available in the market right from light colors to dark. You may also choose wooden blinds with some beautiful oriental design motifs to add beauty to the whole look. A set of wooden blinds is available for approximately $30.

Silhouette and Luminette
These are excellent option as they are easy to use and washable. They can be opened partially just in case you need to get some sunlight. Silhouette and luminettes are available in a wide range of colors right from whites to some dark colors to suit your requirement. The hardware material that goes into installing silhouette and luminettes is smaller than the normal hardware available. This helps save precious space.

Vienna Accent Film
The Vienna accent film does not require any adhesive material to affix it. It is easy to install and can be attached to the glass on sidelight windows. The film is a really good to maintain privacy as well as to get the sunlight flowing in. It is really cheap in cost with an 80 inch film costing approximately $25.

Etched Glass or Stained Glass
There is nothing as beautiful and elegant as an etched or stained glass. The art and the unique design reflects the owner's tastes and ideas. You can either buy a designer stained or etched glass from the market or go in for a made-to-order design as per your budget. A cheaper option available in the market is that of a stained glass film. You may choose a film with a design to suit your liking and put the sheet on a clean glass surface. These films statically cling to the glass surface and are easily detachable. They may be cleaned with a piece of wet cloth. The plus point is that these films block the harmful UV rays. A normal 24 inch x 36 inch sheet is available for approximately $25 each.

Victorian Lace Curtains
A classy way to cover your sidelight windows is by using hand-woven or machine-made Victorian lace curtains for sidelight window. The most popular ones are pure white in color. The downside however is that they are delicate in nature and get torn very easily. Similarly, they need to be washed very often as they catch dust in their weave easily.

Adding Greens
An Eco-friendly and smart idea to cover your sidelight windows is to erect tall bushy plants directly in front of sidelight windows. They are effective in blocking direct inside view of your home. At the same time, the 'green' adds a cooling visual effect to your living room.

So now, does getting privacy and light into your homes seem like a very complicated task? I don't think so. Additionally, these beautiful coverings can also help you to make the main door and foyer of your home look classy. Now that is another chance to get an appreciation for your beautiful home.