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How to Use Feng Shui for Career Growth and Be Ahead of the Game

How to Use Feng Shui for Career Growth
Could placing certain objects at specific corners of your house, help you achieve that long-awaited promotion or kick-start your stagnant career? Let's learn how Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese technique, can help in career growth.
Urvashi Pokharna
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that was developed 3,000 years ago, based on the principles of Chinese astronomy, to create balance and harmonize life. It is widely used in architecture by many people around the world, even Donald Trump! Feng Shui literally means 'wind' and 'water' in Chinese. It creates a balance between all the elements in your environment and helps you improve several aspects of your life with the help of yin and yang. It can help you bring a direction to your career path if you are confused, if your career is climbing very slowly up the growth ladder or not moving at all. If you have been confused about your career options, why don't you put a world map on your wall? According to Feng Shui, this helps bring focus and make career decisions. There are many other aspects that Feng Shui can help you to achieve career growth.
Wind Chimes
Wind chimes
The melodious sounds of a wind chime placed at the right corner cannot only improve your mood, but your career too. Wind Chimes promote the flow of positive energy, called 'Chi' in Feng Shui. Try to look for a beautiful metallic wind chime with 6 rods. If you hang it in the center of your bedroom, it will provide you relief from depression as its sound fills you with vitality every morning after you wake up and as you sleep at night. Hang the wind chime with a 9 cm or inch long red ribbon.
Positioning Your Furniture
Since we are talking about Feng Shui for career success, it inevitably relates to the position of furniture in your office. It is strictly advised against having your back to the entrance of your office or cabin. According to Feng Shui, it creates vibes such that your colleagues will inconspicuously work behind you for career development and you may miss out on many career opportunities as you may be oblivious to it. If it is absolutely unavoidable due to office arrangements, place a mirror in front of you such that the view behind is clearly visibly to you. Also, if your desk is directly in front of a window such that your back is towards it, it will create a vibe of insecurity and instability in your cabin for you. Hence, try to keep that window closed and block it by placing a huge rack or stand in front of it. Other forbidden places to position your desk as per Feng Shui are: next to the entrance, directly opposite a colleague or in a corner. These places create much distraction and prevent you from concentrating on your work and performing well. It is alright to sit facing a wall though. However, the best position would be to sit diagonally opposite to the door with a wall behind your back. This position keeps you informed and in control of events around you.
Maintain Your Place Clutter Free
Conference table
Feng Shui always propagates keeping your area clean and clutter free. It applies to all the places you spend time at, your house and office. Never keep your table cluttered up with many little things. It is also very mentally distracting and blocks the flow of Chi and creates bad Feng Shui. More open space will help you realize more opportunities with the flow of vitality in to your space. Do not block space with piles of documents and files. When there is a need to keep them, attend to them as soon as you can and then dispose them off to the right cabinets outside your cabin or cubicle.
Office Interiors
Airplane on working desk
If you want to hang a painting in your office, choose one that has a flock of birds or a wide lake. They have positive psychological effects on your mind. You can also keep a miniature replica of an airplane on your desk that will always motivate you to strive more and achieve higher career goals. Use blinds to reduce the intensity of natural sunlight filtering through your office. But, avoid using tube-lights or bulbs all the time. It is good to have some natural element in your office. Since Feng Shui is about wind and water, having an aquarium or fish tank can also help influence wealth accumulation positively. You must keep 8 dragon fish or gold-fish to encourage wealth to come in and 1 black fish to fight against all evil vibes, in your tank. Always clean it regularly. You can also have an odd number of gold-fish if you cannot find a black one. Decorate your aquarium with plants, gravel and white-gray rocks. It will create the perfect balance in the atmosphere. Place the fish tank near the entrance of your office to activate the chi. Eliminate any sick fish because it stimulates bad Chi. English ivy, ferns and bamboo plants are also good choices to keep in your office.
Feng Shui Ornaments
Golden turtle ornament
Place a statue of a dragon with a turtle on its back in the southeast direction, preferably on your desk. Also, keep a Feng Shui coin with a red ribbon tied to it, in the dragon's mouth. It brings good luck and new opportunities, and has very powerful positive effects for career growth and wealth generation. You can also place citrine crystals at your home and the office. They help attract wealth and also improves your self-esteem. Other Feng Shui for office are the three-legged toad to earn extra incentives, the rooster to save yourself from the office politics, the three I-Ching coins in your wallet to attract money to it and the Chi Lin unicorn for promotions.
When you place anything made of mud and earth, or are placing plants in your office, do not put a water source too. Together, water and mud can create a very bad combination harmful for your career. Also avoid earthy tones like yellow, brown and orange. Instead, use black and blue color tones in your office that are the colors of water in Feng Shui. Generally, the career area is in the north direction of your house or office. Use patchouli or cinnamon scented room fresheners or candles for your office. Offices are high-stress zones and you need to balance it out with Feng Shui that promotes a good vibe overall and creates an energetic environment. Also, you will keep bad energy at bay and become more productive.
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