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How to Use the Feng Shui Bagua Map

Buzzle Staff Apr 10, 2019
Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system that is used to bring harmony and balance in life. The bagua map uses directions and intuition to understand how different sections of your house influence aspects of your life. In this piece, we tell you how to read a bagua map.

Did You Know?

The Bagua map also has specific colors for each section of your house. Using the right colors in the right directions will help you attract positive chi, and make a difference in your life.
The Black Hat Sect method of Feng shui uses a Bagua map to map the different sections of the house, and helps you understand the inauspicious sectors of your house. It is a simple map, that tells the element, color, and aspects of each section according to the directions. It can be rectangular or octagonal in shape.
If you are Feng shuing your house, this map will be very beneficial. It is a simple square-shaped map, that can be used along with the basic layout of your house. The map has nine equal squares that characterize different aspects of your life, like career, relationships, family, travel, wealth, etc.
If you are facing some difficulty in a certain aspect of life, you can use feng shui tools in the house area associated with it. In the next sections, we tell you how to use a Feng shui bagua map to bring joy and prosperity in your life.

Step 1

Make a layout of your house. If your house is multistorey, then make separate plans for each floor. You just have to make basic outlines of each room, and any other prominent architectural structures you may be having. Don't forget to mark any doors or windows that you have.

Step 2

Place the bagua map on the layout. South sector should always be placed on top and the North side will be placed along your front door. South is the most auspicious direction for the Chinese, hence it is placed on the top. All the rooms will obviously not align with the squares, and some rooms may take more than one squares.

Step 3

Now we tell you what each square tells. This will help you analyze everything properly.

Different Squares and their Importance

Bagua Map

South Square

The South square stands for reputation, clarity, and integrity. Its color is red and element is fire. You can use lamps or candles to activate the chi of this area. Keep your awards, trophies, and degrees in this section. You can include red color in this area.

Southwest Square

The southwest division stands for love, romantic relationships, and marriage. Its color is pink and element is earth. You can keep photos, wedding albums, or symbols of love in this section. It will also help you attract love or bring stability in a tumultuous relationship.

West Square

The West part is characterized by the color white and stands for the future, joy, and inspiration. Its element is metal. It is also related to children and creativity. You can keep beautiful pieces of art here, or pictures of your children.

Northwest Square

Sudden acts of kindness, benevolence, unexpected help, especially when traveling, are all associated with this division. The element of this section is metal and the color is gray. Hanging a wind chime in this area will attract positive chi. You can include some metal showpieces or a tinge of gray color to bring positivity.

North Square

This section is very important as it stands for career, life journey, courage, and purpose. The element of this square is water, and the color is black. Placing a water fountain or any other water element like an aquarium will be beneficial if you are facing problems in this section. Keeping your books or placing your desk in this area is very beneficial.

Northeast Square

This square stands for skills, knowledge, introspection, and stillness. Its element is Earth, and color is blue. This corner works best as a study room. Even if it is some other part of the house, you can paint it in a nice calming shade of blue, and spend time there when reading or thinking.

East Square

The East section stands for family and health. The social aspects like support of your friends or family, especially during times of crisis are ruled by this area. Its element is wood, and color is Green. A family photo should be kept in this area.

Southeast Square

This part of your house influences your wealth. It stands for prosperity, abundance, appreciation, and gratitude. Its element is wood and color is purple. To attract wealth, place coins in this section.
Now that you know how to read a Bagua map, you will know which part of your house needs Feng shui changes to bring in positive chi  in your life.
Disclaimer: The tips given in this piece are general in nature and do not intend to replace the advice of an expert on the subject. For more specific tips, it is advisable to consult a certified expert who will be able to provide you with an in-depth space analysis and prescribe the necessary changes.