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10 Foolproof Tips on How to Use an Airless Paint Sprayer

Pragya T Apr 29, 2019
Airless paint sprayer is generally used for projects which involve painting on a large-scale. If you are thinking of painting a whole house, or exterior of the house or a particular room, then consider using an airless paint sprayer. Here are some tips on using an airless paint sprayer.
Airless spray painter works with a different mechanism quickly and efficiently to coat large surfaces. This device is driven by a hydraulic pump and not by an air compressor. This gives the airless paint sprayer its name. This device is mostly used by contract painters for large industrial jobs.
However, they are used by many people today to do interior or exterior house painting. There are many benefits for using an airless paint sprayer. The biggest advantage of using an airless paint sprayer is that it produces a uniform thick coating. This means one doesn't have to spend more time on painting extra coats.
Also, airless spraying helps the paint to enter pits and crevices better. When using an airless paint sprayer one needs to maintain safety measures, use proper painting technique, and clean the paint sprayer regularly to keep it in good condition.

Practical Tips on Using an Airless Paint Sprayer

  • You can either rent an airless paint sprayer or buy one. Online reviews will help you to buy a quality one. In case you are renting one, make sure you get the instructions to use the sprayer with it.
  • Before you start using the paint sprayer, consider flushing the system clean. This step is especially important to perform if you have a rented airless sprayer, so that you get rid of any left over paint. The process is same as painting. Simply use a solvent or water to flush the paint. Refer to instruction manual to learn about this more.
  • Once you are done with cleaning the pain sprayer, it is time to prepare the surface. Remove any old, cracking and dry paint. Then clean any grime or slime on the wall using a powerful water hose. Let the wall dry completely.
  • After you are done with this you can consider applying a primer or sealer. Sealer will help you fill up any cracks, gaps or holes in the surface and primer will help to adhere the paint better to the wall.
  • An airless paint sprayer works with electricity which runs the hydraulic pump. It loads the paint from bucket/paint container, which moves through a tube into a high pressure hose to a spray gun. Set up the paint equipment accordingly.
  • Before you start painting, make sure you have covered all the surfaces where you don't want paint to fall. Remove furniture and cover or remove electrical fittings.
  • When using airless paint sprayer on a surface you need to maintain a steady hand and motion. The proper technique is to hold the paint gun eight inches from the wall. Also, instead of swinging the gun in an arc, move it in a smooth line from left to right. Always start from the top of the wall surface and then work your way down.
  • Work in strips. Before releasing the paint start moving your hand. Similarly, stop the paint flow just before you are going to reach the right end of the wall to get a more uniform coat.
  • Keep in mind to maintain a uniform and appropriate speed of the hand when painting. Too slow and the paint will drip, too fast and you won't have enough paint on the wall.
  • Painting on a scrap plywood surface will give some practice before you start on walls. Also, while spray painting make sure you wear the appropriate painting gear like painters mask, full sleeves shirt, full pants, gloves, goggles, etc.
Keep in mind to paint in a well ventilated room. Never touch the paint gun tip. To clean the individual parts of the sprayer, switch it off and then remove the electric plug and then start cleaning.
Make sure you keep the safety instructions in mind and follow the right technique of painting to get the best results. Also, use the appropriate safety gear while painting and paint with the right technique. Good luck!