How to Shingle a Hip Roof

Marlene Alphonse Jan 5, 2019
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Shingles on a hip roof can add a touch of style to any house. A proper research, regarding the style, color and price, will prove to be useful if you are planning to install shingles for your house...
There are many ways to make the exteriors of a house look stylish. Be it in the form of wall paints, or adding extra fittings to the roof and the wall, anything to improve the appearance of a house is welcomed. One excellent idea is to install shingles on the roof. If you have a hip roof, the end result of this installation will surely look attractive.
Choose from a wide range of colors for roofing shingles to match or contrast the exterior wall colors and make your house stylish. A hip roof is a type, whose ends meet and form a triangular shape on the top. This is also called the gable roof and can be seen almost everywhere. The hip roof, installed with shingles gives an elegant look to any house.

Instructions Installing Shingles on a Hip Roof

This can be a bit tough if you have no prior knowledge of shingles and roofing. You can seek professional help, who may do this for a fee. If you have slight knowledge, then try your hand at it. With a bit of research, accomplish this task successfully.
  • Before installing roof shingles, take appropriate measurements of the roof so that you purchase only the required number of shingles from any hardware or home improvement store. To lay them on the roof, begin from the back, while moving forward. This action will help you determine the amount of shingles visible on the main region.
  • After measurements and markings, you can get to the next step of laying the shingles. You can also install additional flashings on the tin strips and ridges on the roof edges to provide extra support to the shingles and also protect them from water damage.
  • Before laying the shingles apply a layer of roofing cement to hold the shingles in place and also prevent water clogging. Start from the bottom of the roof and proceed towards the top while laying the shingles on a hip roof.
This method will ensure that the entire area of the roof is covered and the shingles are placed uniformly. Trim the shingle according to the angle of the roof's ridge.
  • Use a standard cut shingle and begin at the eaves of the roof. With the help of a nail and hammer, secure the shingle on the ridge, so that it is aligned properly and gives support to the rest of the shingles to be installed.
Nail the shingle in such a way that the nails are fixed on each of the upper corners. The second half of the shingle should be laid flat against the corner to extend it beyond the roof.
  • Align the rest of the shingles in the same manner till the entire edge of the roof is covered. With every laying, apply an additional layer of roofing cement. Move towards the top, till you reach the main roof.
Install regular shingles for the main roof. Cut the extra folding of the shingles with a utility knife so that they fit appropriately on the main roof. To hold the shingles on the main roof, layer them with roofing cement.
You also need to be in tune with the facts about hip roof shingles repair in case you encounter any problem regarding this attachment.