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Handy Guide on How to Select the Right Bar Cabinet for Your Home

How to Select the Right Bar Cabinet for Your Home
Are you one among those who love to entertain in your house? Having a bar at such times is always the best possible bet. Whether it is a simple corner bar or a compact closet bar cabinet, it forms the crux for all entertainment. Glance through this piece that will help you decide on the best bar cabinet for your home.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2019
Opt for a wet bar because ...
... it is simple to build.
... it includes a sink with running water.
... it allows you to mix alcoholic drinks.
If your idea of a relaxed evening is entertaining at home, you should consider investing in a good bar cabinet. Owning a bar cabinet not only helps you display your choicest drinks, but also ups the entertainment quotient.
While there is no specific rule that claims everyone who enjoys entertaining should have a dedicated bar cabinet, owning one will certainly lend a sophisticated look to your home. While a dedicated kitchen cabinet works just fine to house your bottles and accessories, having these bar cabinets will go a long way in making your guests comfortable and welcome.
A personal bar in the kitchen, rec room, library, or even the patio, demands a tad bit of detailing on your part. Bear in mind that, whatever cabinet you choose to install, it has to blend well with the existing furniture present in the room.
For the Recreational Room
Wet Bar Cabinet
modern kitchen
Having a lot of space allows you, not only to be creative, but also to utilize the space in hand generously. Installing a wet bar cabinet in the rec room or the library will ensure that you have some private space, wherein you can entertain your guests well.
contemporary bar
green bar
The freedom to place the cabinet at a dedicated corner or right in the center of the room is your choice. The idea behind installing a wet bar cabinet in your home is to give you a pub-like feel, sans the crowd.
Standalone Unit
The best part about stand-alone units is that they are space savers, thus, allowing you to place them just about anywhere. You can make use of your library or the rec room for this. Even the guest room can be converted into a mini-pub for the same.
elegant bar
The best possible way to install such cabinets is to use it as a room separator between the kitchen and the hall.
In the Hall
Compact Bar Cabinet
Bar Cabinet
Facing a space crunch doesn't mean that you can't own a bar cabinet. A compact bar will do the trick here. All you have to do is line this cabinet with the wall, and you are ready to entertain. What works best is that you can stack everything in the cabinet so that you have all that you need at hand.
Fancy Bar Cabinet
cupboard with glass doors
Bear in mind that a bar cabinet is not just a piece of furniture but can also be used to enhance the overall look of the room.
barrel bar
Invest in a fancy cabinet, which will double up as a serving table, to save on space and go big on style, or invest in a frosted glass cabinet, which will allow you to play with lights.
Wine Racks
wine cabinet
A good old wine rack tops the list of being a space saver. There is absolutely no harm in opting for a built-in rack, which will hold your favorite drink, or a wall-mounted vertical rack to hold your choicest bottles. The only point to bear in mind is ease of accessibility.
wine bottle
The Dining Room and Kitchen
Overhead/Open Bar
red kitchen
Those of you who enjoy easy access, should go in for an overhead open bar cabinet. An extension of the kitchen cabinet, these bars allow you easy access to the bottles and accessories placed just above the eye level.
red modern kitchen
Wall Cabinets
kitchen cupboard
These cabinets are but spares cabinet in the kitchen, which can be used as a ready-made bar. Spruce it up a notch by having a glass turntable fixed into the cabinet, making it easier to access the bottles kept at the rear end.
Wine Cellar Cabinet
kitchen with window
The best way to keep wine bottles in a dark place is to opt for a cabinet that has built-in grooves or hollow spaces. All the other essential accessories can be kept in the cabinet itself.
Once you install the bar cabinet of your choice, do not forget to enhance the look of the room with the right ambiance. Soft lights accompanied by inbuilt speakers are sure to set the right mood for a relaxed evening.