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How to Replace a Single Pane Window

How to Replace a Single Pane Window
Single pane windows are widely used in various home improvement projects due to their cost-effectiveness. This article shares some insights on the process of replacing single pane windows.
Geeta Dhavale
Man with caulking gun
Many a time, we delay the process of replacing single pane window due to budget constraints. But there is good news for you. Single pane windows are not as costly as double or multi pane windows and hence, can easily fit in your budget. Apart from this, there are many manufacturers who offer various shapes, colors, and designs in single pane windows, allowing you to choose from a wide array of windows that can suit your needs and requirements. Apart from this, there are many advantages associated with single pane windows.
They are good for non air conditioned buildings as they allow more heat dissipation and keep the rooms cooler. Being inexpensive, you can also use them for garage windows or store room windows to bring the cost down, without compromising on the look and decor of the room. So, if you are in need to replace the old or broken single pane window, then do it now. To know how to replace a window, be it single pane or multi pane, you have to read the rest of the article.
Single Pane Window Replacementl
Given below are some simple steps, that you need to follow in order, to replace a single pane window of your house. the procedure for replacing the double or multi pane window is also the same. But remember, if the window size is larger, and you have to repair many windows, then it is advisable to call a professional who can replace the windows for you. But if there is only one window that too a smaller one then you can do it on your own. So take a look:
  • To begin with replacing the single pane window you need to gather required tools and materials, such as, masking tape, measuring tape, pliers, screwdriver, fast drying primer, hammer, replacement glass, putty knife, eye protection, hand gloves, and towel, etc.
  • It is essential to get the broken pane out, in order to replace it with the new one. For this, you may have to remove the window from it's place carefully. First, with the help of hammer, you need to remove the glazing compound which holds the window in place. You may require somebody's assistance for this.
  • You also need to chisel the empty window frame or the opening to remove all the remaining glass to make it clean and plane. Once the window opening is clean and smooth, you have to take the measurements, such as, height and width of the window opening. It will help you buy a well fitting window for replacement.
  • Write down the measurements of the window on a piece of paper and carry it with yourself when you go to shop for the new window. You can also contact the local single pane window dealers and take quotations from them. After that you can select any window that suits your budget as well as your room. Ensure that you accept the delivery of the window after checking for cracks and other deformities.
  • Once you buy the new window, you need to start preparing the opening of the window. Firstly, you need to apply the caulk on all sides of the window opening from outside. Now using level, make sure that the window is placed well at the bottom and the sill. Hold the window in the same position for few minutes so that it adheres well to the caulk.
  • Now, make sure that the window is exactly fitting in the place, and is plumb square. Fix the window from all sides in its place using screws and screwdrivers. Then give a finishing touch to the window by covering gaps and screw holes using a bead of caulk. And let the caulk dry thoroughly, but before that, ensure that the window swings or slides properly.
And your brand new single pane window is ready to use. Isn't replacing a single pane window easy? All you need is some basic carpentry skills and you are set to perform the task alone. So, go ahead and get a new single pane window for your house. I am sure it will enhance the look of your house.