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How to Paint a Stucco

How to Paint a Stucco
Painting a stucco is easy, but it requires a small amount of skill. Before you paint it, you need to check for crack or uneven notches. Repair them, and then go ahead with the paint job.
Palmira S
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2019
Stucco―a masonry product―is a mixture of cement, sand, and water. It is a smooth-textured plaster. Most of the time, two or three coats of stucco are applied over a masonry or metal lath. It is primarily used on the outside surface of the walls i.e., painting exterior stucco, but these days, it is also used to paint the interior of the house.
Steps to Paint a Stucco
Wall repair
Before painting the walls with stucco, repair the damaged areas consisting of cracks and holes. Clean the dirt and debris present on its surface. For repairing, you need a trowel and a good quality repair product.
The crevices in the stucco can be cleaned thoroughly with the force of a power washer. It also helps in cleaning a wider area. If the surface is affected with mold or mildew, then scrub it off with a mixture of chlorine and water. After scrubbing, rinse off the excess water present on the surface.
If the surface is affected with deep cracks, fill in the cracks with elastomeric wall coatings. For filling the cracks, you can also use 'acrylic latex caulk'. This will help in filling the gaps easily and efficiently.
Acrylic latex caulk, paint sprayer, power washer and acrylic based paint.
painter spraying paint on wall indoors
For painting purpose, use acrylic based paints, as they prevent moisture accumulating in the stucco paint. Choose the color of acrylic based paint, fill the paint in the sprayer and spray it on the stucco.
Spray a layer on the surface, wait for it to dry completely before spraying another layer. You can also use a sponge roller or paint brush instead of a paint sprayer. Usage of paint brush and sponge roller for painting is a tedious and time-consuming job since you have to check if all crevices are painted well or not.
If the stucco is applied recently, don't paint as it might damage the paint and will lead to peeling. After applying the stucco, do not paint it for at least 3 months as it needs that much time to harden. Apply a water-based primer before painting. An alkali-based primer should be used for a masonry surface so that it becomes resistant against alkalinity.
With the mentioned information, you can surely go ahead and paint a stucco all by yourself. However, if you find that the procedure is too tedious and time-consuming, call a professional to execute the task for you.