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How to Measure Windows

How to Measure Windows
It is important to know how to measure windows, as it can help us at the time of putting drapes, curtains or blinds. So let's check out simple ways to measure a windows.
Niharika Arya
Windows are an important structure in any house. They not only give you a way for ventilation but are also appreciated with lights. If you are planning to renovate your house, want to buy new curtains for it or you just want to have window treatment, the first thing is to take proper measurement of the windows and get some of the best curtains and drapes to decorate them.

Window Measurement
We will start with simple window measurement. You will require a measuring tape, pencil and a notepad to note down the measurements. If you are a beginner then tailors tape will be a simple and better option. The idea given for measuring window is very basic and is generally the base for the further given measurements. Following are the steps to measure windows.
  • First take the width of the window from right to left. The measurement should be taken from brick to brick.
  • Take the width from three different places to ensure the correct readings.
  • Now start with the height of the window. Ask someone to hold the measuring tape from the top and you take it to the bottom and note down the readings.
  • Take the readings of the height from three place to ensure the correct readings. Now your reading are ready for the further process.
Measuring Windows for Curtains
For curtains you need to first decide what type of curtains you want to put on your windows. You will need a tape, pencil and a notepad to take the measurements. Following are some of the tips to measure it.
  • First make a choice of the curtain length. You have three options - floor-length formal drapes, informal tab-tops and café curtains.
  • Once you decided the curtains, decide the height of the curtain rod. Usually it is 6 inches above the window frame.
  • Now start taking the measurements. The curtain will be 6 inches above the frame, 2-3 inches from both the sides and 2-3 inches below the window frame.
  • Now take the measurements with the measuring tape accordingly as mentioned in the previous step. Start from the curtain rod to the desired bottom length and side to side length.
  • Take 2-3 measurements to ensure correct readings. Buy the material and make you sales men sure that you are providing him information and measurements of your curtain not window.
Measuring Windows for Drapes
While considering drapes, it is very important to take measurement before going out to purchase the material as drapes require a lot of material. It is not just used to cover your window but is also used to beautify your house. You will require a pencil, measuring tape and a notepad. Following are some of the steps to measure windows for drapes.
  • Decide the height of the drape rod or if you want to reach till the ceiling for a more attractive look.
  • Now you have to decide what kind of drape you want to have in your house. So for a panel hung, measure from the bottom of the ring to the desired bottom. For rod pockets, take the measurement from the top of the pole to the desired bottom and remember to add 1 inch for small rod and 2 inches for large rods. If you want to have tab top drapes then measure from bottom of the rod to the desired bottom and add 1 to 2 inch for the tabs. For grommet tops you have to measure from the top of the rod to the desired bottom and add 1 inch for the grommet allowance.
  • If your drapes will open and close daily then you need to take the measurement of the drapery pole and if you want the drapes to hang with a heavy look then you need to increase the panel width 1½ to 2 times the window.
  • Write the width first and then the height of the window drapes and then proceed to buy the material.
Measuring Windows for Blinds
There are two types of window blinds available in the market. One are those whom we can cut and fix according to the shape and size of our window and the others come in a specified sizes and shapes which cannot be modified. So, first decide which one you need to use. To measure the window for blinds you will need a pencil, measuring tape, notepad and ladder (If the window is not reachable). Following are the steps to measure window for blinds.
  • First decide what type of blinds you want to use. The options will be blinds in front of the window, inside the window, vertical, horizontal or roll-up blinds.
  • Prepare a spreadsheet which will consists column like height, top width, bottom width, depth and how many.
  • Now take the measurements to the shop and select the one which suits your criteria.
Follow the above given instructions to find out the measurement of the windows. Same procedure you can follow for the doors or ventilators.
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Measuring Windows