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Learn How to Make Your Room Look Emo With These Easy Decor Tips

How to Make Your Room Look Emo
Emo is a genre of music that has gained popularity over the past decade or so. Emo is everywhere, in music, in fashion, and now even in your room. Find out how to make your room look emo in this post.
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Emo is a genre of music. But all emo enthusiasts will beg to differ; for emo is so much more than just a genre of music. It is a lifestyle. It is an attitude. It is a way of looking at things. Emo is a culture. Emo music is characterized by thoughtfulness, being introvert, soulful, usually with deep, brilliant guitar riffs. The lyrics usually depict the angst of adolescence life; filled with (often personal) accounts of heartbreak, disillusionment and a general feeling of loneliness. However, being emo does not necessarily equate to being depressed as amateurs may mistake it to be. It takes a while to understand and appreciate emo.

Being an emo fan, I am sure you already know how to dress like one, and what the latest fashion statements are. However, if you are such a fan of emo that you breathe emo, you must also give your room a makeover to suit your taste. Here are some ideas on how to make your room look emo.
Emo Decorating Ideas and Tips
Color Scheme and Furniture
Red sofa in dark room
Well, you cannot really have black-colored walls, but dark-colored walls, or at least a single dark-colored wall in a room would help create an emo atmosphere. Along with that, the furniture in the room can be dark-colored too. The furniture should also be very basic; nothing elaborate or too fancy or decorative. It has to be minimal. Go for colors like black and brown. Drapes, tapestry and linen can be purple or maroon-colored.
Posters and Wall Hangings
Blank frames on the wall
It will be a good idea to incorporate pictures and posters of a few emo artists in the room. That would include bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Para-more, One Republic, Owl City, My Chemical Romance, etc. You can get the posters framed and hang them up. However, the more crude it is, the better it would look. So go on and paste the posters on the wall. You can make a collage of your favorite emo bands and cover up the wall above the headboard of your bed. Another option can be to use emo graphics (easily available on the Internet) and get them made into posters.
Photographs and Memories
Collage photo frame
Another idea to create an emo bedroom would be to put up a few of your pictures with your friends all dressed in emo clothes. That would include wearing slim fit jeans and body-hugging T-shirts. Stone studded belts are indispensable; and if you wanna go all out and complete the look, then horn-rimmed spectacles are a must. Get all your buddies together and click a few pictures. Then make a collage and get it framed. Place it on your study desk.
Music and Lyrics
Pop music posters and records
Of course an emo bedroom would be incomplete without a music collection. Make a special place in your room to keep all your music. Showcase it well so that friends dropping in will be able to see it. Another idea is: you can write the lyrics of your most favorite definitive emo song on the wall above your study desk, or even on the wall where you are going to keep all your music. If you are confident of your graffiti skills, you can even create a graffiti on one of the walls in your room; the best one would be the one near your music station.

These ideas are bound to work for a room irrespective of how big it is. One general tip I want to give here is - emo does not mean suicidal! So do let some sunlight come into your room once in a while, even if you like it dark and shadowy. Also make sure your room is neat, even though not strictly organized. Keep it clean. You will feel nice retiring to it at the end of the day. Hope you do a good job by giving your room an emo makeover!
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