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How to Make an Upholstered Headboard

How to Make an Upholstered Headboard
If you want to add a nice and comfy upholstered headboard to the wall behind your beds, then you need not shop for one and spend a large amount of money. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions given below and get set to make a headboard for your bed!
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A bed and bedding is the primary bedroom furniture and decor element. A nice headboard can further spice up the bedroom decor and work as a focal point of this room. A headboard not only works as an accent piece but also adds a comfort element while you sit on the bed as well as imparts a luxurious feel to the area. Headboards need not be bought with your beds and they can be added anytime later. You can order a piece that will match well with rest of the bedroom decor or simply buy one from the variety available in ready-made upholstered headboards with nail heads and fix it up on the wall. Well, you can also learn how to make an upholstered headboard and make one for yourself.

Tips to Consider and Follow

Gather the Essentials
Before you learn the exact procedure, let us see what are the things required for the same. You will basically need a foam core board, fusible fleece, fusible adhesive, fusible patterns and a trim. Apart from this you need to have a craft knife, iron, glue gun and a pressing cloth.

Ready the Basic Structure
Decide the dimensions of the foam board and accordingly mark an outline on the foam core board. Take the craft knife and score this outline repeatedly. This will eventually cut the piece on marked the outline, providing you the basic structure of the headboard.

Add the Fusible Fleece
Take the fusible fleece and cut it so as to have a piece which has dimensions same as that of the foam core board. You need three pieces of fusible fleece cut in same dimensions as that of the foam core board. Line them up together on the foam core board. Next you have to place the pressing cloth on this fusible fleece and iron over it. This will help all the piece s fuse together.

Wrap it with a Lovely Fabric
Take a decorative fabric which is going to be the visible part of this headboard. Make sure that you choose a fabric that matches well with rest of the bedroom decor. Cut the fabric into a piece that is a few inches larger from each side as compared to the size of foam core board. It needs to be large so that you can place it on the front side and take it till the backside and secure it in place. Iron the fabric piece well and stick it to the board using fusible adhesive. You can also use a fabric adhesive tape instead and iron it to the edges and further stick the fabric to the backside of the board.

Trims and Finishing Touches
Take a nice decorative trim, which will spice up the fabric used to cover the headboard. Using the glue gun, stick it to the border of this headboard. You can choose a satin, lace or silk trim for this purpose. Now it's time to fix it on the wall, behind your bed using self-stick hook-and-loop tape or nails. One of the fancy headboard ideas is to add fusible patterns to this frame and add same patterns to pillow shams and dust ruffle, hence forming a beautiful bedding set.

Once you learn a particular method, you can further try out variations in the design. Advanced designs in cushioned including upholstered headboard with buttons or upholstered tufted headboard can also be tried out, once you learn how to make a simple piece. Leather or suede can also be used instead of simple fabrics. Make sure that you opt for a good quality of fabric that lasts longer. Darker colors or neutral shades are best picks. Explore various design ideas and experiment with various materials to have some lovely headboards for the comfy beds in your house.
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