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How to Make a Tiki Hut

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Sep 26, 2018
You must have seen these exotic looking huts in restaurants, bars, and beach lounges. You can bring the feel of the Pacific Islands or Hawaiian Islands right into your backyard by following the instructions given here to make a Tiki hut.
The term Tiki relates to the Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Ocean. Tiki, according to the Maori culture, was supposed to be the first man created. Tiki huts are made from dried sable palm fronds and treated cypress wood. They are open from all sides and are hence susceptible to unfavorable weather conditions.
These huts are a seasonal item and beach party themes are incomplete without one. The most common type among these is the one that covers a bar. This hut is known as a Tiki bar. Some huts house chairs, tables, or bar stools, with entertainment centers.
A tiki hut is mostly found in the warm climate of the Bahamas, Caribbean, Hawaii, and Florida. Most of the beach resorts, restaurants, and bars have huts as it helps create a tropical atmosphere.
Its roof can last for 5 to 7 years only, and needs replacement as it is susceptible to insects and mold. If you want to build a hut in your backyard, it is not only reasonable price wise, but also very easy to make.

Constructing Instructions

Materials Needed

  • Bamboo poles- 12
  • Palm Leaves
  • Long Nails
  • Hammer
  • Drill


  • Take 4 bamboo poles to serve the purpose of the four legs of the hut. Pick the ones which are of nearly the same thickness and length. If needed, cut the bamboos accordingly. Mark the area where you are planning to build your hut. The area will depend on its dimensions.
  • Place the four bamboo poles of equal length at the four corners of the demarcated area. The poles should be dug into the ground properly. This will form the base of your hut.
  • You will now need to prepare a square frame. Use 4 bamboo poles, 2 long poles and 2 that are short. Nail these pieces together. Cut a groove on one side of all the poles to fit the top end of the 4 poles into each corner of the groove.
  • Using 4 bamboo poles, join them at the center to make a pitched roof frame. Use nails to hold them together and also nail them to the square frame. You can decide the dimensions of your hut according to how big you want it.
  • Take long nails and hammer the palm tree leaves on the roof frame. Use a lot of leaves and nails to secure them to the frame. Place the leaves in layers.
  • Attach the roof to the 4 bamboo poles that are to be used as the legs of the hut. Place a table and chairs in your hut.
With this, your tiki hut is ready for you to sit under and enjoy the sun. You can even throw a Luau party in your backyard and enjoy the Pacific party theme.