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How to Make a Swag Valance

Learning to make a swag valance is pretty easy. So, here are stepwise instructions for the same.
Pragya T Oct 8, 2018
Swag valances are window decorative coverings tailored to create a pleated pattern and can be placed either over the curtain or without the curtain as well. 
Swag valances are many times confused with scarf valances, however they need more tailoring than scarf valances. Scarf valances are a bit more relaxed and random, but swag valances are tailored to get many placed pleats.
Swags help to soften the frame of the window and help to add color to a plain window. Though the swags might look detailed, the process of making them is pretty easy.
You will need to select the swag fabric wisely. A key to selecting a good-looking swag is to go for a fabric which drapes softly. So avoid coarse or firm fabrics as they will make an unattractive-looking swag.
There are different materials available for swag fabrics. You can go for shiny dark red or green swag fabrics, made of silk or faux silk. There are some nice cutout swags in velvet, which give a nice soft look. So, make sure you select a good draping fabric, and the one that matches your interiors.

Stepwise Instructions

The things you will require for making a swag valance are a measuring tape, scissors, iron, sewing machine, the fabric, and a matching thread.

Step #1

The first step is to decide how deep you want your valance to be over your window, also determine how far down both sides you would like to hang the material.

Step #2

Use the measuring tape and note down the length of the curtain rod, and the length down on the side of the window to determine the length of the swag valance you want to hang. Double this measurement of length while choosing your material.

Step #3

To note down the width of the fabric, measure from top of the curtain rod to the lowest level on the window where you wish to hang the valance, and add 6 inches to this measurement for hemming and draping allowance.

Step #4

Shop for a soft material which drapes naturally and make sure you check the raw edges to see if the material unravels easily.

Step #5

Use the scissors to cut the material to your predetermined measurements. Before you start any hemming, do a test by draping the material on the curtain rod to check the width and length.

Step #6

Now, fold the edges of the fabric ¼ inch and lay them flat by ironing, so it will be easier for sewing. Then sew a straight seam of ⅛ inch from the edge all the way around.
Now again fold the edges in ½ inch and flatten them by ironing, and sew a straight seam of ¼ inch from the edge of the material all the way around the perimeter of the piece. Then use the scissors to snip off any lose hanging threads.

Step #7

Finally drape the valance over the top of the curtain rod with the center of the swag valance hanging in front of the rod, and the end sections behind. Start adjusting the front of the valance to get the decided vertical length.
If you are using the swag over the top of curtain panels, then take care that the end pieces are tucked properly behind and are not visible. If there are no curtain panels, then you can drape the sides decoratively.
Always make sure you buy more fabric than the decided measurements, as buying extra valance material in case the fabric falls short is more bothersome. So, go ahead and make a valance with the given steps for a window, and then you can try out different swag valance ideas for windows of the other rooms in your house.