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How to Make a Small Master Bedroom Look Bigger

How to Make a Small Master Bedroom Look Bigger
If you want to make your small master bedroom look bigger, here are some simple tips and steps, to help you out. These tips and ideas will help you make the room look bigger than it is, in no time. Read on to know some excellent interior design secrets!
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
Quick Tips!
Always choose light wall colors, lighter bed sheets, and a low bed without a footboard.
Very little place on this earth and the price tag it comes with, makes most of us settle for smaller homes than what we thought we could buy. While it isn't really in our hands to choose the size of our homes anymore, it is in our hands to make them appear bigger than they are in reality. A few tricks here and there will make any room of your home look larger in size. Many people are curious as to how one can make a small master bedroom look bigger with not much effort. To be honest, it doesn't require that much effort to make your house appear larger, or any room in it. Most of us hire professionals nowadays because we don't have the time to look into smaller details, or because we trust their judgment more than ours. Either way the job needs to be done, and it'll be done better, if you know a bit about it. So here it is, some detailed information on how to increase the appearance of your room, in terms of size.
Color Schemes
Tips on How to Paint Your Bedroom
The color schemes you choose for your bedroom are very important. No matter how well you plan the interior of your bedroom, if you choose the wrong paint colors, you'll have a bedroom that looks smaller than it should. There are three things you should always remember while painting your bedroom. First, use nude, natural or pastel colors. Second, always paint the ceiling a shade lighter than the walls. A darker shade will give you the effect of a ceiling closing in, on your bedroom. Third, the paint colors should also be lighter than the interiors of your bedroom. Dark paint colors give rise to a claustrophobic atmosphere, and makes the bedroom look smaller.
What You Shouldn't Have...
Bedroom with shimery color scheme
What You Should Have...
Master bedrooms with color schemes
Master Beds
Tips on How to Buy a Bed for Your Bedroom
Now let's move on to your bed. The bed should be low in height, probably the height of your knees, if you're say 5'6". A bed taller than this, would reduce the distance between the ceiling and the bed; consequently making your bedroom look smaller. While choosing a bed, you are free to opt for one with a headboard of your choice. What you should remember, is to not buy one with a footboard. Avoid this one completely. Since the bed takes most amount of space, it should never be in a mess. Always choose light sheets; lighter than the paint colors you've chosen. As for the pillow, keep a maximum of five.
What You Shouldn't Have...
Bedroom with long height bed
What You Should Have...
Master beds collage
Placing of Television
Tips on How to Place Your Television
The simplest step is to get rid of your television, if you still have the good old box. You have two options here: either buy a new LCD television; or put up a nice painting in place of the television you had before. If you buy a new LCD, or already have one, mount it on the wall to increase floor space. Never keep the television in such a place that it reduces your floor space. An LCD hardly takes any place on the wall as well. If you don't want to spend on buying a new TV, and still want to have the old box television, the least you should do, is mount it on the wall.
What You Shouldn't Have...
Master bedroom with tv
What You Should Have...
Bedroom With White Walls
Apartment Interior In The Luxury Villa
Flooring Options
Tips on How to Plan the Flooring
Wood works the best as flooring, specially when you want the room to look bigger. If you use wide floor boards made of light wood, your room gets a feeling of opening up. It will look larger at the first glance itself. If you have a wallpaper, make sure it's plain and simple, and matches with the flooring. Wallpapers with light, translucent designs also look great. However, choosing wallpapers with dark designs isn't advisable. If you want to use small floor boards, choose an extremely light shade. Slightly dark a shade might look nice if you have good natural lighting in your home.
What You Shouldn't Have...
Master bedroom with dark flooring
What You Should Have...
Master bedrooms with flooring options
Placement of Mirrors
Tips on How to Place Mirrors in Your Bedroom
Mirrors can be used as a very strong weapon to make any room look bigger. You cannot add too many mirrors to your room as this will result in clutter. However, you can place two huge mirrors in a way that your room looks double its size. Out of these two huge mirrors, place one near the window so that it reflects sunlight into your room. Place the second one right in front of the bed, or in a corner, so that your room visually appears double of its size. A great idea is to have a full length mirror (as shown below) in the corner, and a small one near the window.
What You Shouldn't Have...
Mirrors in master bedroom
What You Should Have...
Small bedroom with walk in closet
Wardrobes and Closets
Tips on Buying and Placing Wardrobes and Closets
If you have too many drawers stuck to your walls, or if your closet is taking up a lot of floor space, replace them with walk-in closets and wardrobes, or with closets that have sliding doors. These will give you more floor space, which in turn will make your room look really big. Always avoid furniture that makes easy movement a problem in your room. If you opt for walk-in wardrobes, you need to have space in your home to expand. If you don't have this space, opt for sliding doors. Make small compartments below the closet for shoes.
What You Shouldn't Have...
Drawers with clothes
What You Should Have...
Master bedroom with wardrobes and closets
Tips on Fixing Lights in Your Bedroom
Lights play a very important role in making your master bedroom appear larger. Well-placed and fixed lights can do wonders to the interior of any room in your house. The first thing you need to remember, is to not place any lights on furniture in the bedroom. By doing this, you again take away floor space. Have lights imbedded in the ceilings, or ones that hang slightly. If you need dim lighting, place a light high up in any corner of the room. If you need a night stand, replace it with a light in the wall. This way, you are maintaining adequate floor space, and yet fulfilling all your needs.
What You Shouldn't Have...
Lamp in master bedroom
What You Should Have...
Master bedroom with light options
More Tips and Ideas
There are a few more tips you can use to make your master bedroom look bigger. As I have mentioned earlier, keep some space below your closets for your shoes. This way, you don't need shoe racks. Second, if you don't have a walk-in wardrobe, try find a shoji. This doesn't take room at all, and can be opened only when needed. You'll only have to look hard; finding a folding shoji isn't easy. If you don't have space for chairs and a table, buy/make a customized one as shown below. Don't have too many mats; have just one near the bed.
If you have bought a new home, start with the painting first. Remember to use pastels and nudes; these are colors that make your room look larger naturally. Plan your entire room before you start with the interior. Planning before allows you to change things as many times as you want. Hope your room looks as big as you want, with the help of these tips and tricks. Best of Luck!