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How to Make Eyelet Curtains

Zini Mehta Feb 6, 2019
Are you looking for an interesting and inexpensive way to dress your windows? If yes, then eyelet curtains are your best bet; it requires less fabric than traditional curtains and looks elegant.
The simplest way to give your home a makeover is by changing curtains. If you are considering buying new curtains, you might want to switch to eyelet curtains, and instead of buying them how about making them. There are many advantages of using eyelet curtains. They get perfect pleats, which give it a contemporary and streamlined look.
They are easy to fit and remove from the curtain rod as they slide easily, without getting stuck halfway. They also last longer than traditional curtains as the eyelets are made from plastic or metal and are more resistant than cloth. Moreover, eyelets especially metal ones, add to the decorative value of the curtain.

Easy to Make Eyelet Curtains

Things You Need
  • Fabric
  • Lining Fabric
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Curtain eyelets
  • Curtain rods
  • Eyelet tape
  • Needle and thread
  • Pins

Instructions for Making Eyelet Curtains

1. Choose a Fabric

Buy a fabric of your choice to make eyelet curtains. Depending on the room for which it is, choose a color and fabric. There are many interesting curtain patterns. Go for a lightweight or medium weight fabric, such as sheer cotton, linen, organza and lace.
If the fabric is too heavy, the eyelet tape may not be able to withstand the weight of the fabric. If you want a heavy fabric in particular, then remember to take eyelets and a tape accordingly.

2. Measure the Size

Measure the window where you will be hanging the curtain. The length should be measured from the curtain rod to just above the floor or till wherever you want it to hang. Once you measure the length, add about 4-5 inches for hemming.
For the width, the general rule is 2 times the width of the window, but you can take how much ever you want. If you want to cover it completely, take more fabric.

3. Cut the Fabric

Only when you are sure of the measurements, cut the fabric. The best way to cut the fabric is by spreading it on a hard surface, use a measuring tape and cut accurately.
If you want to make lined eyelet curtains, choose a lining fabric and cut it in the same size as that of the main fabric. Eyelet curtains do not have to be lined, it is only if you wish to have it lined.

4. Create a Hem

Fold the edges on the wrong side of the fabric to create a hem and secure it with eyelet tape. You can also pin it, so that it remains in place. Stitch the edges in a uniform method, removing the pins as you go.
If you are using a lightweight fabric that will remain secure with the eyelet tape, then sew only the top side, as it needs to be more secure.

6. Measurements for Eyelets

At the top of the fabric, measure about 3 inches from the side and mark with a pin. Then mark 4-6 inches from the first pin and place another pin, continue along the entire width of the curtain. At the end, you should still have some fabric left.
The distance between two eyelets can be decided depending on the look you want. This can be done using a template that comes with the eyelet set.

7. Cut and Fit Eyelets

Cut out the fabric from inside the circles, do not worry about a little fraying as the eyelet rings will hide it. Place the eyelet ring in place, the one with the raised edge should be placed along the back of the fabric and then place the pronged section on top of that and press, till it fits in perfectly.
That's it, you can now hang your curtains and feel content looking at your work. Similarly, you can also make eyelet shower curtains. Just be careful to use a waterproof fabric and eyelet, or else the eyelet will get rusted. Take care when washing your curtains to remove the eyelets carefully, you might need to use a screwdriver.
This is as easy as it gets, spruce up your living area with these elegant curtains. Choose a fabric in a color that complements the walls and be prepared to get some compliments!