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How to Make a Butcher Block Table

Learn How to Make a Butcher Block Table With This Simple Procedure

To make a butcher block table you will need basic carpentry skills, material required and some guidance which we are going to provide in this post. So, just utilize your skills and follow the instructions given here.
Niharika Arya
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2019
Butchers old vintage table block
Butcher block tables are very useful. They not only help in cutting, serving, and preparing food items, but also add to the beauty to your kitchen. This kitchen decorating furniture can be easily bought from the market but the only problem with it is that, they are very expensive.
But why would you think of buying it when we can make one for yourself. Yes, you can! It is quite simple if you have few carpentry skills. You just need some guidance, material for building it, and of course, time. So, let's move further and find out how to make these kitchen tables and what materials are required.
Steps on How to Make a Butcher Block Table
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Wooden furniture is great in durability as well as decoration. It can give your house an old aesthetic look and at the same time serves your purpose. Butcher block table and chairs are very useful in kitchens as well as in other parts of the house.
You can also use it in the drawing room or in gardens and lawns. They are suitable for all places. The following steps will help you to make a durable and useful table with minimal expense.
Materials Required
  • Strong and non-porous wood
  • Water resistant wood glue
  • Clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Mineral oil / Olive oil
  • Table saw
Method of Making a Butcher Block Table
● The first step to start with is the design of the table. You need to first decide what type of table you want. Decide about the length, width, height, structure, base, etc.
If you don't decide the design then may be you end up with a very big or a very small or an altogether inappropriate table. You can also check some of the designs from the Internet or can just consult your family members or friends.
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● The second most important thing is to decide about the wood you are going to use for the table. You need to get hard, non-porous and durable wood for the table. Porous wood like oak wood will not survive for a long period, hence get a good quality hard wood like hard maple, walnut, ash or beech.
As it is a hard wood, it will take a lot of effort to cut and fix the wood. So, if you are not able to cut it by yourself, you can get pre-made butcher blocks at any carpenter's shop. You could also get the block cut by a carpenter. Get extra blocks as you may need them in case of any mistakes.
● Use end grains for the construction of the table as it is the traditional way of cutting wood. It is much stronger than the other types as it has lesser joints and lesser chance of breakage. Now cut the wood blocks according to the structure of the table. Try to cut them little longer as you will be cutting and leveling them later.
● Use a planer to make flat ends and in the same height. Now sand the ends of the wood with the help of sand wood and glue the parts together as decided in the design. Glue the pieces properly. First glue the small pieces and then attach the big ones. Use clamps for a good and strong fix.
● Leave the table for sometime so that the glue dries up properly. Now chip away the glue from the table. Cut the uneven edges of the furniture and make it smooth with the help of planner. If you want to give a decorative edge to the table then use a router and make designer table tops.
● Now treat the table with a non-toxic and safe oil like mineral or olive oil and leave it to soak the oil. After sometime, sand it again and oil the table again. Now leave the table overnight and then wipe off the excess oil.
● Now it is time to attach the base. You can either attach a rolling cart or can just put a rubber base to make it a still table. You can also use the base of the old furniture. Once they are fixed you are ready with your butcher block table.
Take care of the height of the table and do remember to check the stability and balance before fixing the base. Take proper precautions while using the table saw as it is very sharp. Try out your carpentry skills and make full use of it.