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How to Make Bar Stools

If you believe in unique furniture building, then you would definitely be interested in learning how to make bar stools. Bar stools are very common in today's households, and this article teaches you how to make one for yourself.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
There's nothing like good old furniture revamped in a modern way, and this is what today's article on how to make bar stools is all about. Bar stools have been in an important part of household furniture since the mid 60's and during those times these stools were only found in basements, garages and local bars. However, today everything has changed and people are also comfortable with bringing in furniture which looks different. The things which used to be in the basement have made up their place in the main area of the house. Bar stools today are used as fashion decor and it serves as the perfect chair for high counters of your kitchen desk. Don't associate bar stool with an old wooden, sad-looking cushion-less stool. Today's stools are better looking and comfortable. Your options are endless, bar stools can be simple, with no back or a sturdy back, with cushioned seat or armrests and some modern stools also revolve on a pivot.
How to Make Wooden Bar Stools
The market is filled with different types of bar stools but most people still opt for the old-fashioned sturdy wooden bar stools. It is the best option and you can choose what type of wood you want. Make sure you pick a wood which is very easy for sawing and carving. However, before you start your journey of making a wooden bar stool, here are some supplies which would be needed - wood, wood glue, screws, sliding level, protractor, pencil, tape measure, plane, sandpaper, stain or clear finish, screws, clamps, saw, doweling, safety glasses for eyes.
  • First decide what would be height of the stool; for that you have to check the height of the bar, also see in which fashion you want your stool; circular or square.
  • Once you've decided the height and the shape, move on to the choice of wood - either oak, beech or maple. It is recommended that the seating area should be at least 4 inches thick and 2 feet across. The wood should be reliable and durable; use the handsaw if you want to shape the edges of the wood.
  • Make four holes with the help of a drilling machine below the bar stool seat and make sure each hole can fit at least one screw in all of them. The pointing area of the screw should be pointing outwards so that you can easily fix the stool legs easily.
  • Shape the legs based on the height measurements of the stool and make sure the legs are at least 3 inches thick so that they can balance the weight of an adult easily.
  • Now fix the bar stool legs and use a drill to create a hole in the top of the leg. Now insert the sharp ends of the screws, this is putting the final pieces together.
  • You can also use few drops of wood glue and apply them inside the bar stool seat holes around the screw head for a better grip.
I hope now you know how to make bar stools, the best part is you can also take a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit and read on the instructions and build a bar stool yourself. Bar stools can be made in various forms and sizes which is why it is very important to check the reliability of every item you buy. Before you think of building a bar stool, my advice is to measure the table or counter top. If you plan to make armrests on bar stools make sure that those arms will fit beneath the counter or table.
wooden bar stools
Man making Bar Stools