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How to Install Sliding Closet Doors

Geeta Dhavale Jun 9, 2019
Sliding closet doors are very useful. They save a lot of space and can also add an aesthetic value if used aptly. Let's see its installation process.
Sliding closet doors have become a rage. They are very unique in their functioning and styling and they also enhance the look of your house. They are a great alternative to the boring mundane swinging doors that also consume a lot of space, especially, if you have a small room.
Sliding closet doors create an illusion of a big room by metamorphosing into a wall where onlookers can just see some great wall art. Apart from saving the space and using it creatively, they also look very attractive and glamorous. They are highly functional and with so many advanced designs available, you will not regret installing one for your closet.
Decorating the house is much easier with this door. It allows you to place your furniture pieces or art pieces wherever you want and hang some pictures in the room on the adjacent walls of the cupboard. Imagine, if you ever wanted to place a vase next to the cupboard, it wouldn't have been possible with a swinging door.
But, with a sliding door you can do it effortlessly, hence contributing even more to the decor of your room. In short, with these doors, you can take the liberty to design and decorate your room using all your creative abilities and freedom.

The Process

Consider a few things before you begin with the process. First of all, check if there are any plumbing lines that run through the wall or are there any electric cables or phone lines or any heating or cooling ducts running through the wall. If yes, then you probably have to relocate them or choose the other best wall location to install the sliding door.
You also need to check if the wall can bear its weight. It is advisable to consult an interior designer or a building expert before starting with the process. Given here are some of the simple steps that would help you install the door successfully.

Step #1: Measuring

Firstly, you need to prepare the door opening. Make sure that it is plumb and square, and the top and bottom of the door is at the required level so that the door can glide smoothly. Once you prepare the door opening, take the measurements and note them down on a piece of paper.

Step #2: Buying

Now this is one of the most crucial steps if you do not want to regret later. You must choose a door that is compatible with the decor of the entire room. You have the choice to buy only the door if you already have a track for sliding.
If not, you have to buy it with tracks. You can choose from wooden or glass sliding doors as per your design. If you have bought the unfinished door, you also have to polish it and give it a last finishing before installing.

Step #3: Installing

Once you bring it home, the first thing you have to do is to lay the track. If you already have a sliding door, then remove the old door, only if the track is still functional. Using the hacksaw you need to mount the track properly, so it fits the door opening aptly.
Take the screw and mount the bracket in the same location. You need to place the rollers on the track if they are not already mounted and then hang the new door on the track.
Note: Remember that every manufacturer provides you with an installation guide and it should be followed as every design can have different features and techniques that need to be dealt with as per the manufacturer's instructions.