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How to Install a Rain Shower Head

How to Install a Rain Shower Head
If you are remodeling your bathroom, installing a rain shower would be a nice change. To know how to do that, read further...
Kundan Pandey
If you want to add a zing to the way you begin your day, I would suggest you to have a bathroom remodeling done. You don't have to go for a total overhaul, just adding and enhancing small things like getting a new shower head or a new set of shower curtains would do the trick. The latest in trend is the rain shower head that has revolutionized the showering experience. In this article, I would tell you some simple tips to install a rain shower head so that you can enhance your mornings, that too at a much less cost.
Rain Shower Head Installation
Installing a rain shower head is easy. Here is what you have to do. First of all you have to unscrew the old shower head in your bath. Twist it off using your hands. Here you have to be careful as to not damage the pipe. If the shower head is tightly fitted you can use a wrench. It is advisable to put a cloth on the pipe when you use the wrench so as not to damage it due to the jaws. You may as well use two wrenches, one to hold the pipe and the second to rotate the head.
Once the head comes off, clean the threads present on the pipe. You are generally required to put a pipe tape and thread sealant on the pipe. This will make the connection water-tight. Now, screw the new rain shower head on to the pipe.
Tips to Install Rain Shower Head
Now that you're very well aware of simple steps to install the rain shower, you've got to be aware of certain points while choosing the appropriate rain shower head. Here are various tips to discuss before you're ready for rain shower head installation.
  • It is highly possible that you'll choose a shower head that is extremely decorative and adds style to your bathroom. However, don't only consider the physical appearance of the rain shower head as its height is also important. Choosing a shower head based only on its looks may be pleasing to the eyes but its height and dimensions may not be perfect for you. These days shower arms are designed as to droop, relative to the shower head and wall outlet. The height at which you want the shower to be installed must be considered and also don't forget to take into account various factors regarding the designing of the rain shower head.
  • Ensure you area of installation is decided timely. There must be no obstacles near the installation area. Soap handles and grab bars can be sometimes hindrance to the installation of the rain shower head or the drooping shower arms. Since the arms of the shower head will droop, ensure it is angled in a way so that its effect is maximum. It can be directly overhead or angled depending on your requirement.
  • Be sure about the water pressure you expect from your shower head. Larger shower heads have lower pressure due to large number of nozzles while small shower heads have more pressure due to lesser number of nozzles. You must inquire the shop keeper about the more technical relation between the size and pressure.
  • Since it will be difficult installing shower head with the shower arm fitted in it, it is advisable to first fix the shower arm and later install the shower head. Installing each piece separately makes the task easier.
In the recent years, fancy and stylish shower heads have become extremely popular amongst people who wish to decorate their bathrooms with vibrant accessories like rain shower heads, elegant shower curtains, etc. While different types of designs and colors are available for you to choose, don't forget to make a note of the basic things like height of installation, ease of bathing and area available in your bathroom. Properly installed rain shower head will avoid you any headache in the future and you'll have a great experience every time you go for a shower!
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