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How to Install Quartz Countertops

Short and Lucid Tips on How to Install Quartz Countertops

Do you want to learn how to install quartz countertops? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Read on and find out easy instructions on installation of quartz countertops...
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
The countertops in our dwellings should be attractive, durable, functional and safe. Since various home countertops like those in the kitchen, bathrooms and other places are used on a frequent basis, they ought to be made of some extremely durable materials. Along with being durable, if the countertop material is not visually appealing then it is not worth the cost that you are paying for it. When it comes to choosing such a durable yet beautiful material for home countertops, you will get to see that there are really a lot of options available.
Well if you ask me, I would say that quartz is the best material that anyone should choose for home countertops. Quartz, which is also called engineered stone surface, is made of more than 95% of natural quartz stone and around 5% of polymer resin. This combination creates a tough and stunning material which is one of the most popular materials for countertops. Though a bit expensive, quartz countertops are quite easy to clean and maintain.
The quartz countertops are pretty heavy and hard to cut and install for the layman. It is the reason why today they are also available in precut tiles that vary in length, size and color. Once you choose the best type of quartz countertops for your dwelling, then learning to install it is not that hard.
DIY Installation
Most of the quartz countertops that are available in the market today, are nonporous and very durable. If you are on the lookout for the best countertops for kitchen, bathroom, bathtub surrounds or fireplace surrounds, then you may surely zero down on quartz. Another thing that makes quartz a better choice is the fact that they are pretty low maintenance, considering the attractive appearance that they have on offer. As far as the colors of these countertops are concerned, you may either go for the natural stone look or choose other types that are colored with the help of artificial color pigments.
Apart from their natural color, quartz countertops are available in many shades including, white, green, gray, pearl, red, mahogany, brown or bamboo. As I briefly mentioned in the introduction, you may choose whole quartz countertops or buy quartz tiles, that are easy to use for those who are new at the DIY projects. In any case, follow these instructions to learn how to cut and install quartz countertops.
Cutting Quartz Countertops
In order to cut the quartz countertops, first you must gather all the required materials for the same. So, gather tape measure, circular saw, diamond blade, painter's tape (masking tape) and water. Once you gather all these materials, follow the steps that are mentioned below.
✔ Measure the quartz countertop as well as the place where you want to install it.
✔ Determine the exact size of the countertop that you need with help of the tape measure and the masking tape.
✔ Mark the sides that you need to trim for correct installation and begin with the actual cutting process.
✔ For that, you may need to use the circular saw and diamond blade.
✔ To cut the countertop, start the electric unit of the circular saw and push it into the mark that you made on the countertop.
✔ Pour some water on the blade of the circular saw as well as the surface of the countertop. This is done in order to reduce the dust particles and heat caused by friction.
✔ Repeat the process of pouring water on the blade and quartz surface, until you reach to the end of the cutting process.
✔ Once you are done with cutting the countertop, place it in the desired location and make sure that it is cut properly. If not then mark and cut it again into the desired size.
Installing Quartz Countertops
Once you are done with the trimming process, then is the time to install them. To install quartz countertops in the kitchen, gather the required materials like channel lock pliers, putty knife, screwdriver, silicon sealer, level, pipe wrench, construction adhesive and a cotton rag. Once you have gathered all the required materials, follow these instructions.
✔ Turn off the water supply to the installation location (kitchen sink), with help of the channel lock pliers.
✔ Then use the pipe wrench and screwdriver to loosen the compression nut of the sink drain.
✔ Then remove the rest of the nuts and bolts of the sink, in order to remove it off the countertop area.
✔ Once you do that, fill the drain hole with the cotton rag and proceed with the installation process by removing all the older nuts, glue and sealer off the countertop and the cabinets.
✔ In order to seal the countertop, add silicon sealer to it and place it on top of the cabinets.
✔ Then secure it with the screws that are provided to you, with the quartz countertops. Upon securing those nuts, you will secure the L-shaped bracket to the countertop.
✔ Then is the time to rearrange the sink in its position. For that, remove the cotton rag and use silicon sealer before you secure all the screws of the sink.
Let me tell you that they are heavy to handle. Hence, you may need to seek help of one or more people. Secondly, if you purchase these countertops from a reputed home improvement store, they would definitely offer you professional help. So, if you are not too sure about the above tips on countertop installation, then it is always advisable to hire those who are the best in this business! All the best!