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How to Install Mirrored Closet Doors

How to Install Mirrored Closet Doors
Installing mirrored closet doors is one of the best ways to make your bedroom look stylish and elegant. And the good news is that you can save on installation costs by installing the closet door yourself. To know how to install mirrored closet doors, read this article.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Nowadays homeowners have learned the importance of coordinating different design elements to give their home interiors a chic and polished look. In a bedroom, a mirrored closet door can help in giving you the stylish look and ambiance that you had always hoped to create. A full length mirror attached to your closet door will visually expand the space and also double up as a dressing mirror.
If your bedroom is small and does not receive adequate sunlight, a mirrored closet door will help in brightening up the space. These type of closet doors makes a nice focal point in your bedroom and they are available in a variety of designs and styles. Installing a mirrored closet door is a simple process and you do not require any special skills for the installation process. DIY mirrored door kits are available in home decor and hardware stores and it is best that you choose them for your project.
Mirrored closet doors comes in two basic styles, bypass or sliding closet doors and bi-fold or hinged closet doors. Bi-fold closet doors are a little difficult to install and they require high levels of skills. On the other hand bypass closet doors are relatively easy and straightforward to install. To keep installation cost low, some people resort to attaching a full length mirror on the existing closet door. Although cost-effective, it is not a great idea because if the mirror is not properly affixed on the door, it might fall out and shatter. If you are desirous of installing mirrored closet door yourself, given below are step-by-step instructions on how to install mirrored closet doors.
Installing a Mirrored Closet Doors
As mentioned above installing mirrored closet doors is an easy task once you have all the tool and supplies with you. Given below are things required for installation followed by instructions:
Things required
  • Sliding mirrored closet door kit
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Hand-held drill
  • Drill bit
The first thing that you need to do before you purchase a bypass sliding mirror closet door kit is to measure the dimensions of your closet. If you have a closet with standard dimensions, you will easily find a closet door kit that will fit your closet. If your closet opening is not in standard dimensions,then you need to order a custom piece. Most manufacturers has the provision whereby you can order customized door kits. Once you have purchased the mirror door kit, it is time to install it.
The mirrored closet door kit will come with all the hardware necessary for the installation process. Lay the track that comes with the kit on the bottom of the closet aligned with the holes made using a hand held drill and drill bit. Attach them to the floor with the screws that are provided in the kit and tighten the screws. Next, install the rollers onto the track that you have just put in. Make sure that the rollers slide on the track without any impediment. Install the top track along the inside edge of the closet opening in a similar way. Finally, hang the mirrored doors between the tracks making sure that the rollers snap into the track. Check to see if the closet doors slides on the track without making any creaking noise. Ideally a mirrored closet door should slide with the gentlest of pressure and should not get stuck at any point.
This was all about installing mirrored closet doors. These closets looks classy and elegant in a bedroom and it can help in creating a focal point in the room. There is no better way of jazzing up your interiors then installing a mirror closet door. Remember to coordinate the other accessories and furnishings of the bedroom in keeping with the design of the mirrored closet for a fresh and stylish ambiance.