How to Install Laminate Flooring on Stairs

Pragya T Dec 12, 2018
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Do you wish to install laminate flooring on the stairs? Here is some practical advice that will help you in the job...
A very common question that many people ask is can you put laminate flooring on stairs? The answer is yes, and it can be done by hiring professionals, or doing it yourself.
Though this process is a bit of a challenge and requires patience, but it can still be done by oneself. The process of installing laminate flooring on the stairs, calls for a special technique. Here are the instructions that will help you in the task.

How to Lay Laminate Flooring on Stairs?

Here are the things you need and instructions for laying the flooring on the stairs.

Things You Need
  • A pencil
  • 1 measuring tape
  • Flooring equipment
Steps for Laying Laminate Flooring
  • First thing you need to do before laying any wood flooring is to prepare your stairs, and refinish them if they are carpeted. Remove any adhesive used for sticking the carpets. Scrape off the stairs' surface clean, and smooth out the surface of the stairs and hammer down any nails which are sticking up.
  • Now using the measuring tape, take the measurements of the top stair to check the exact center, and mark the point with a pencil.
  • Take a laminate tile, and place it over the mark, and make sure that the center of the tile is placed exactly over the pencil mark.
  • Work your way from the center to the left, and later on center to the right overlapping all the stairs.
  • Use the same method given here for the riser face. When working on the riser side, make sure you maintain safety, as a possibility that you might lose your balance and get an injury when bending over or twisting to reach the tiles.
  • After you have finished laying the flooring on the first stair and the riser face, repeat the same process for the next step and finish all the stairs in this way.
  • Ensure, that all the tiles are securely pressed in place, as loose tiles can cause somebody trip and injure themselves.

Tips on Laminating Stairs

  • Keep your new stairs free of debris, which can scuff or scratch the tiles when the stairs are being used.
  • If the laminate stairs are present outside the home, then make sure you cover them with the sturdier type of laminate flooring, which is the type which allows you to remove dirt from people's shoes.
  • There are a variety of laminate flooring tiles available in the market. Make sure you choose the right variety, and don't go for a very slippery one.
  • As stairs are the only laminate flooring application, where adhesive is used to stick the tiles, make sure nobody walks on the stairs, till the adhesive is completely dried.
  • You can use small pieces of the stair nose, risers and treads as samples to get the proper angles near the ends, as this will allow you to make tighter fits when you are cutting them.
  • Make sure you maintain safety, when handling any power tools.
Laminate flooring is the easiest wooden flooring to install. Laminate is also durable and comes at a low price. Laminate wood tiles, are treated chemically and now there are many colors and textures available in the wooden flooring, so one has a variety of choices from which one can shop flooring of their choice.
However, take care when installing your laminate flooring on the stairs, and remember the mentioned tips and safety measures.
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