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How to Install Double Pane Windows

Learning to install double pane windows in your home will not only save you money, but also introduce you to installation process. You will never regret this decision.
Fatima Rangwala Aug 20, 2019
Having a double pane window installed in your home can make a huge difference. Over the past few years, the market has come up with a lot of technology regarding various energy saving facets worth to be installed in a home.
If you happen to come across your neighbor's house or your relatives house which is an energy-efficient home, you will see double pane windows, lesser number of doors, probably not more than one skylight―these features reduce the overall energy bill. There will obviously be less amount of emission from your home, keeping it warm and cozy.
The number of windows installed in a home is more than the number of doors. Thus, more energy is wasted through the windows as compared to the doors. Double or dual pane windows are far more energy efficient, look great, and are affordable too.


In these windows, two facing glass panels, set in a frame, are fixed in one panel. The windows slide vertically in an upward direction, allowing you to keep half a part open at the same time (either the bottom of the window or the top of the window could be left open).
Due to such an operative construction, the windows are capable of blocking all the surrounding noise. They slide open and lock very easily, without any need of employing an added effort to lift open or shut the window. Repairs on these windows are also inexpensive compared to the rest.

Installing a Double Pane Window

Required Materials

  • Drill
  • Ladder
  • Double Pane Window (Assembly Kit)
  • Screws
  • Latex Caulking
  • Putty Knife


  • Measure the Size of Window: The first thing you will have to do is measure the frame size and openings of the new window, so that it can fit correctly.
  • Mark an 'X': Tape a big 'X' on both the ends of the window just for safety purposes. In case of an accident on the window, the tape 'X' would help to clean up and prevent the injury due to the broken glass.
  • Caulking: Use latex-based caulking to caulk the window frame. Caulking guarantees waterproof fit and airtight conditions.
  • Installing the New Window: Take the new window and fit it into the frame. Next, take a drill and some screws and fit the window tight in its place.
  • Place the Trim on the Window: Once the window is screwed tight, you have two options, either install the new trim or place the old window trim. If you plan to establish the old window trim, make sure you paint or stain it. Cover any holes, wood putty, or fillings properly.
  • Check the Functions: After installing the window, check its operation. Open and close the windows to see if it shuts properly. If things are fine, take out the tape and clean both sides of the window.
Don't forget to check latest models and styles in these windows when you think of buying them. Also, prefer buying ones that come with an installation guide.