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How to Install a Door Trim

How to Install a Door Trim

Installing a door trim is not a task to perform. You could easily install it with a step-by-step guide that has been provided to you in this article. Make sure you follow them, before you embark on your job.
Azmin Taraporewala
A door trim is essentially the molding that is required to trim the edges of the door. It has two parts; the two sides and the casing which is encased on the top. Installing a door frame or replacing one is not an issue to be bothered about. Sure, you may be concerned about the task at hand, however you should not make a fuss about beginning the procedure all by yourself. Even if you are an amateur, this could serve to be a do-it-yourself project. This article essentially focuses on the installation of door trims. Here we explicate how to install a door trim, so that you don't strike a panic button as you soon as you hear 'door trim installation'.

Installing a Door Trim

Whether it is installing the exterior door trim, or door trim moldings, you have to know the basics of framing a door. Here are the steps that demonstrate the entire process with lucidity. We will start with the preparation stage and move on to the actual procedure that you need to abide by and confidently perform.

Things You Need
  • Miter Saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hammer
  • Trim nail set
  • Hand saw
  • Saber Saw
Things You Must Do
  1. Here are the steps you follow. First things first, measure the door sides perfectly, with the measuring tape. Make sure that you note down or record your measurements in your diary. These records will help you keep a tab on the other measurements that you adopt.
  2. You must always begin by checking the vertical or the upright sides of the door and making amends if any, with a plumb line.
  3. Now wedge the wood of the vertical or the jamb with the help of screws. This will cover the crevices well and will correct any deformities that exist in the door.
  4. If you think that the wedges that have been installed are jutting out, you could hammer it down to give it a smooth finish that is in accordance to your liking.
  5. With a tri-square in place, you must decide the amount of reveal that will be exposed after the trim is installed.
  6. With a meter box or a meter saw, cut the pieces of the trim. Ensure that you are patient with the entire process.
  7. Make 45 degree meter cuts for the side trims and two 45 degree meter cuts on the trims that have been cut for the top placement. You could make sure that the top and the bottom 45 degree meter cuts are facing the insides of the door.
  8. With a saber saw, make the cut on the header or the top trim and nail the anterior part of the header into the vertical sections of the door.
  9. You could nail the trim so that the trim piece won't split.
  10. As you have the trims with you, you can attach the trim or either first paint them, if you will.
  11. You could stain it with primer and have the wood painted so that you have the trims ready to be installed.
  12. Place the trim pieces around the door frame. You could either nail them or glue them. However, it is always better and sturdier when you screw the trims together so that the trims do not split up. You have the trim in place now and you are done with your project.
I hope that was easy and you did not find this a task to endure. Even if you have, you have got your door trim installed and you very well know how to conduct the activity.