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How to Install Bifold Closet Doors

Marlene Alphonse Jun 30, 2019
Bifold doors can be installed for your closets and even rooms. In this piece you will get information on how to install bifold closet doors for your storage spaces as well as the rooms...
Closets with bifold doors are not only attractive to look at but they also offer more space for you to rummage around in the closet. These doors are also used in the entrance of a room. One of the advantages of having bifold closet doors is that they provide ample space by fitting perfectly in the jamb and also quite easily installed.
Bi-fold doors are actually two panels of wood, which are equal in size. These doors are quite common in almost every household and they are also known to give the room a more conventional look. For a warm and interesting break in the wall, install bifold closet doors

Instructions for Bifold Closet Installation

Installing bifold closet doors is not exactly a herculean task as many may feel. You just require a few basic carpentry skills, along with the materials to install the bifold closet door. You can purchase the doors and other hardware like bottom pivot, adjustable bolt, slide guide and overhead track, from any hardware store.
Once you have got all the materials together, you can get down to the task of installing the bifold closet doors. Here are some instructions to install bifold closet doors for bedrooms and for any other rooms of the house.
  • You can purchase the doors which have installation cuts already made on them. Take proper measurements of the closet where you are planning to install the bifold doors. Also measure the doors so that they are aligned properly and fixed without any issue.
  • You can also paint the door to match the color of the walls in which they are going to be installed. Some of the doors are already coated with a layer of paint before you purchase them. So if you are painting the door, make sure you mark them, lest it may create a confusion regarding which is the front side and which side has to go in.
  • Now, install the metal rail assembly. Make sure that the rail is centered in the middle of the door's opening. Mount the rail assembly on the frame and place it properly. Now fix this part using the screws provided with the door and ensure that they have been securely inserted in place. Follow the same steps to install the bottom rail assembly of the door.
  • The floor bracket is installed after the rail. You will see a saw toothed cut on the floor bracket which is an indicator that it should be on the floor. Once you have positioned the brackets on the floor, fix them to the side jambs using the screws provided.
  • Secure the floor bracket with the help of screws so that it stands firmly. Tighten the screws further with the help of a screwdriver.
  • After you have mounted the floor bracket, you have to assemble the bifold doors. Each of the doors (or panels) may have pre-drilled holes, usually three in number, into which the dowels have to be inserted. Once you have joined the panels, make the door stand in the wooden framework and adjust its height accordingly.
  • Fix the hinges in the framework, so that the door can be opened or closed easily. Next, install the slide guide, the top and the bottom pivot to each door. Push the door into the jamb and tighten the screws on both sides. You can also adjust the height of the door with the help of a nut (or the adjusting nut) which can be found on the bottom pivot.
  • Once you have secured all the screws and nuts in place, the door installation is done. Repeat the same procedure for the other door as well.
These were some guidelines regarding how to install bifold closet doors. To make the room more attractive you can choose the closet doors to complement the wall color.