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How to Hang Pictures

Mamta Mule Dec 11, 2018
Wall hangings and artwork are one of the easiest ways to decorate your home. Here is an information about the various things to consider, and some tips to help you create a great looking wall with beautiful pictures.
Wall decoration is never complete without picture frames. Be it an expensive art work by a famous artist or a painting done by yourself, it decorates the wall in a unique way. Pictures easily grab your attention and beautify the room, therefore they can be a good addition to your room.
You might have a collection of pictures and hanging them on the wall is an easy job, but the way you hang them, makes a huge difference. There are many things you need to consider while doing so.

The Right Height

The first thing you need to consider is the height at which it needs to be fixed. Placing it too high or too low can take away the beauty of the artwork. So, make sure that, it must be slightly above your eye level. Placing it too high will make you feel uncomfortable.
Remember that if it is a bedroom or a living room, the eye level that is to be considered is while you sit on the couch or sofas. In case of kitchen, patios, entrance, passage, or stairs, where you do not sit, consider the eye level when you stand.

Size and Placement

Rightly placing the picture on the wall is essential to make it look the best. While deciding how to hang a picture, the first to consider is the size of the picture frame. Next, see which are the empty walls or those that are on your options list.
Now, keep in mind not to hang a large frame on a small wall and vice versa. If a wall is large, filled up with some wall arts, skip the idea of fitting in the large frame.
You need to see that enough empty space is left on all its sides, unless you are forming a group. A unique idea is to hang it on the focal wall or instead, on a wall to make that wall the focal wall. Hanging it on the wall over the fireplace is also a great idea.

Placement Patterns

You can form classic patterns by hanging a few frames together on a wall. Let's see how? Hang the bigger frame in the center of a large empty wall, and hang small pictures around it. You can place them at corners, leaving a little space.
Another idea is to place 4-5 frames of the same size on a wall together. You can randomly hang them, leaving small space in-between each one to form a beautiful pattern. Hanging frames in stair patterns or in a line is becoming very common. Remember that you need to balance them well if they vary much in size, painting style, and colors.


Though the picture is extremely catchy and sure to draw your attention, you can always further emphasize it using various techniques. Go for classic frames that come in a wide range of variety. Avoid a jazzy frame that will take attention off the picture.
The framing must be simple and elegant. You can use a mix of frames while hanging them in a group. But keep in mind that they must complement each other. Next important thing is the lighting. Using perfect illumination in the room is essential.
Also, having separate lights for the frames is a good idea. In case you hang them together, a single, wide, and proper wattage light can be used. Opt for special decorative lights for frames and make sure they do not glare.
Now that you have read the aforementioned tips, you might be eager to spice up your walls with them. So, get ready with the right fittings and give your room an ultimate look.