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How to Hang a Door

Geeta Dhavale Aug 20, 2019
Hanging a door can be done by yourself provided you have the basic knowledge of carpentry. Read on to know more.
Have you noticed that your door does not close properly or leaves some unwanted gaps when closed? It does not swing effortlessly, or the latch does not fit well, or the door gets closed tightly because of which you have to apply a lot of pressure to open it? If the answer to any of the given questions is yes, the door is probably not hanged properly.
Hanging a door needs to be done with precision to avoid the aforementioned problems in the future. The procedure is almost the same whether you wish to hang a screen door or a pre-hung door.


➤ First, measure the height and width of the door opening and note it down on a piece of paper.

➤ Buy a door of the appropriate size. It needs to be a bit smaller than the door frame. Or else, buy a door panel that can be trimmed later as per your requirements.
➤ If you wish to hang an interior door, remember that it does not generally have the bottom or the sill. Whereas, to hang an exterior door, you will need to fit it in the head and sill of the frame.

➤ If the door frame is damaged, replace it with a new one.
➤ Once the new frame is installed, consider all the measurements and mark the door for trimming. It is advisable to leave a margin in order to adjust it later.

➤ Cut the door with the help of a saw as per the marking, and check if the door fits in the frame well. If not, trim it again.
➤ Now that the door is all set to fit in the frame, mark the frame as well as the door where you will need to place the hinges. Also consider the direction in which the door will be opened and whether to attach the hinges on the right or left side of the frame.
You must choose the side as per your convenience and feasibility. However, it is better if the door opens inside the room, which is generally the case.
➤ Hinges have holes through which you will need to fix the screws inside the door frame with the help of a drill. Mark the position of these mortise first, and then start with drilling. Screw the hinges well using the same drill and a screw driver.
Similarly, screw the hinges on the door. For this final task, you may have to take someone's help for holding the door securely in the frame in order to fix the hinges well.
➤ Finally, attach door knobs, latches, and locks to the door. Try closing and opening the door to check if it swings well. Also check if the latch and lock function properly.
Hanging a door can take a lot of time if you have no assistance, but at the same time, it is easy if you have some basic carpentry skills. Opting for professional help can cost you a bit more, but at the same time it will give you the desired end result. Some of these professionals also provide the finishing and polishing of the door.