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How to Hang Curtains in a Bay Window

How to Hang Curtains in a Bay Window

If you have a house with bay windows, then you would want to make it the talking point of the house. In this article, we will tell you how to hang curtains in a bay window, so that you can make it look more beautiful.
Tulika Nair
Whenever I think of the house that I want to own, there is one thing I am certain of. There is a corner that I want in my house that will have huge bay windows with a cozy chair which would be my reading nook. Bay windows are one of the most popular architectural features in many houses, especially because these windows allow natural sunlight to stream in. It can also be the most beautiful spot in any house as it naturally draws attention towards it. The best way to accentuate a feature like a bay window would be to use curtains. But, a lot of people remain unsure of how to hang curtains in a bay window/ In this article, we tell you how you can accessorize your bay windows with curtains.

Hanging Curtains in Bay Windows

One thing to remember about a bay window is that it is usually made of three windows, which are joined together to form a huge window. It is fixed in such a manner that it allows light to stream in from different angles. With bay windows you can choose to decorate the window in a manner that you find pleasing. Use accents that enhance the design of the windows. While with normal windows, hanging curtains can be an extremely easy task, with bay windows you need to be slightly more careful while hanging window treatments. When hanging curtains for bay windows it is important that you treat the windows not as three different sections but as one unit. Otherwise, there are possibilities that the window will look overcrowded and overdone. There are many different options that you can use. You can choose to install valances with blinds as that will ensure that you have privacy when you want. Another option that you can opt for, and which is the option that we will be discussing in this article, is hanging curtains on the bay windows.
  • The first and foremost thing that you should do before hanging the curtains is to decide how you would want to hang the curtains. You could either choose to treat each section of the window as a separate entity or use a specially made bay curtain rod that covers the entire window.
  • As mentioned before, we suggest that instead of using three different curtain rods, use a single bay window curtain rod. But, if you decide on the former, then the curtain rods on the outside need to be hung at the same height while the curtain rod in the middle needs to be placed slightly higher.
  • If you choose the latter option of having only one bay curtain rod, you will need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer to figure out how to hang the rods. Most of these specially designed rods come with hardware. All you will need to do is drill holes to secure the rod in its place.
  • With three different sections you can choose to play around with textures for the curtains and also the designs on the fabrics. With bay window curtains you can choose to use one single window covering for the entire bay window.
  • Once you have chosen the fabrics that you want and picked out your curtains, you can easily hang them by sliding the curtains onto the rods and then hanging the rods along the windows. Ensure that you adjust the curtains properly so that they hang evenly. If you want, you can choose to add tie backs for accentuation.
If you want to hide your curtain rods, you can always choose to install valances which not only help camouflage the rods but also enhance the appearance of the bay window. You can also choose to use decorative curtain rods instead of normal ones as that will add to the beauty of the bay windows. To hang bay window curtains is an extremely easy task and now that you know how to hang them, you should have no problem doing the same for your house.