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How to Hang a Canvas Painting

How to Hang a Canvas Painting
Finding the right spot to hang a canvas painting isn't that hard. This article provides some important tips to help you in this regard.
Shrinivas Kanade
Art canvas in four parts
You may be a proud owner for possessing a painting made by a famous painter. The first issue that will be 'hanging' in your mind is how and where to put it. It is essential that you find an answer to this question effectively, in order to make the most of your purchase. When you buy something that has touched your heart, you always think of presenting it in a good manner and sharing your tastes, for the appraisal of others. The following criteria play an important role in this matter.
  • The place you have selected for fixing the painting
  • The manner in which you are going to display it
  • The light quality that is going to highlight it
  • Presence of any other items that will distract or obstruct the viewer's line of vision, to prevent him from appreciating the art
  • The mounting surface or background on which the canvas is to be hung
To make the picture more attractive and enjoyable for the viewers, you must pay careful attention to the following suggestions presented below:
  • Size: This is a determining factor, and if used properly, it can bring the best out of a picture. If it's a big canvas painting, then hanging it in a small room or a narrow passageway won't be very effective. While appreciating it, a viewer has to stand back, which may not be possible in a narrow place. If it's a small picture, then it might be a good idea to cluster it with other smaller ones. You can use paintings depicting similar or contrasting subjects, themes, design styles, and patterns.
  • Wall: A painting should be illuminated well, and this condition is fulfilled rarely, if it's hanging on a wall facing either east or west. Such a wall should not retain or leak of water. A wall amidst moist surroundings would have a detrimental effect on a picture, which is hung on it. This will be instrumental in deteriorating the canvas. The colors would be spoiled, be it an oil or watercolor painting.
  • Lighting: A painting constantly deserves an optimum amount of light so that it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. To achieve this, you may opt for lamps which are mounted on angled brackets. On the other hand, preferring the overhead lighting may serve your purpose. Harsh, glaring light must be avoided at any cost, as it will hasten the color and canvas deterioration within no time. Soft lighting, which will highlight the canvas, will make it an object of attraction. Care also must be taken to prevent or minimize shadows or reflected light falling on the picture.
  • Hanging a Canvas Painting: If it's a costly item, then you can think of hiring a professional to do the job effectively. Alternatively, for a low-cost item, you may do the job yourself. If you decide on the latter course of action, you can measure the dimensions of the canvas before fixing it. Care must be taken to choose a spot that is in the line of vision, to make it easy for the viewers to look at it. Mark the outside edges of the canvas on the wall, and hammer two sturdy nails on the left and right corners of the upper edge. You can use a third nail between both the corners for extra support. It is best to avoid hanging the canvas painting near a window. The view outside can prove to be distracting, and the light through it may prove to be irritating while looking at the picture, thus, spoiling the effect.
At the end of the day, the place really depends on how much importance you accord to it. On one hand, you may be a connoisseur of famous paintings and artworks, and you value them more than your life. If this is the case, you may opt for hiring professionals to preserve your painting collection, and you may consider taking advice from an insurance company to ensure its safety. On the other hand, you would want to hang the picture for hiding some cracks or dirty spots on the wall.