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How to Fill a Bean Bag Chair

How to Fill a Bean Bag Chair

If you are worried about filling (or refilling) your bean bag, you have reached the right page. The following DecorDezine article will tell you how to fill your bean bag.
Sonu S
A bean bag is something that everyone would love to have in their abode. You might have the best sofa sets in your home, but you will always have a soft spot for your bean bag. It gives a distinct feeling of comfort that you may not get from any other furniture in your home. The comfort that you get from a bean bag is highly dependent on its filling.

Filling a Bean Bag

When you receive the ordered bean bag package, examine it for any damages. Even if you notice minor defects, you should ask for a replacement, as there is no point filling a defective bean bag. Few of you might be refilling your bean bag, before you proceed ask yourself the following questions:
  • Why do I have to refill the bean bag?
  • Are there any rips or holes in it?
  • Did I use the right material while filling the bean bag for the first time?
These questions will help you understand whether the problem is with the filling or the bean bag. If the problem is with the bean bag, fix it. If you feel that you had not used the right filling earlier, be wise and choose a better material to fill the bean bag this time. Generally styrofoam pellets are used to fill (or refill) bean bags, but there are other materials that you can use to fill the chair. Once you have the filling of your choice, you should follow the steps mentioned below:

Restrict Wind
Usually the material that you use to fill the bean bag is in the form of light weight "beans". Thousands of "beans" are filled into the bean bag to give it some shape. Just imagine what will happen, when you are filling the bean bag with styrofoam pellets, and a breeze runs into the room in which you are working. The pellets will disperse, making it difficult for you to fill the bean bag! So, I recommend that you make sure wind does not blow into your work area.

You can do this alone, but you would save your time if you have someone to help you. Generally there are 2 types of bean bags; with zipper and without zipper. I have discussed the filling/refilling instructions for both of them below.

Bean Bag With a Zipper
It is very easy to fill such a bean bag. You just have to open the zip and fill the bean bag with the filling. If you are refilling, then you should first empty the chair. Carefully remove the existing filling, see that you do not make a mess. Once you are done removing the old filling, you can fill the bean bag as mentioned earlier. After you finish filling, close the zipper.

Bean Bag Without a Zipper
Filling this type of bean bag will be time-consuming, as you will have to open up a seam of your bag. You can use a pair of scissors, or a knife, and open the seam. The opening should be big enough. Now, fill the bean bag, and close the seam (stitch it properly). If you want to refill, first empty the bean bag completely before filling.

After you are done filling/refilling the chair, sit on it. The filling will settle, and you will figure whether you need extra filling, in case you do, then just open the zip/seam and add some filling. Before you proclaim that you are done, make sure that the bean bag is completely comfortable.

You might have chosen the perfect bean bag, but it may not last long, if you do not take good care of it. See that you protect your dear chair from any damages (punctures, holes, etc.), so that you enjoy its company for a very long time.