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How to Design a Doorless Shower

How to Design a Doorless Shower
Are you planning to install a doorless shower in your bathroom? Then you need to learn to design a doorless shower. Keep the following tips in mind while deciding on designs for doorless showers.
Tulika Nair
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In many big houses, bathrooms are a space that designers and home owners pay a lot of attention to. In today's times if there is one design concept that has taken off in a big way, it is doorless showers, which is not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to any bathroom but also a practical solution in rooms for people who have trouble moving around.
Study the current trends of doorless showers and you will see that most people opt for bigger showers as that allows for handling splashes of water and reduces the effort that needs to go into cleaning up the mess made outside. If you are planning to design a doorless shower in your bathroom, then ensure that it has ample space. In this article, we will give you some tips that help you design a doorless shower.
Designing a Doorless Shower
There are several basic things that you need to pay attention to while designing a doorless shower. In this section, we give you a list of things that you need to think about while designing a shower without a proper door.
  • Ideally, a doorless shower should always be placed at one corner of your bathroom. This is important because having a corner bathroom, ensures that some sort of privacy is maintained in the area.
  • One of the common problems with doorless showers is that is placed incorrectly, then you can feel an air draft which can cause you to feel uncomfortable while bathing. This is a common problem with doorless showers. To avoid this, you need to ensure that the entrance of the doorless shower and the windows are not placed bang opposite each other.
  • The size of the enclosure of the doorless shower will go a long way in ensuring what shape you can choose for the shower space. While a rectangular shape is very common, you can also choose from a circular, hexagonal, or a semi-curved space. Remember that this could be brilliant design feature for the shower enclosure.
  • Ensure that opening to your shower has a lip space of at least three to four inches. This will ensure that the water does not spill out from the showering space into the dry area.
  • If the shower space is being created for someone with mobility issues, then eliminate this problem by simply constructing a slope that will direct the water to the drain.
  • For a doorless shower, it may be a good idea to use tiles that are skid-proof, so that the fear of skidding in the bathroom is lessened by a great degree.
  • You may choose to hang shower curtains at the entrance to the doorless shower, as an element of design and for the functional purpose of giving a person privacy.
  • Always ensure that the placement of the shower head is in such a manner that it faces another wall and not an opening. This will prevent unwanted spillage of water into the shower area. Another idea would be to install rain showers so that the shower heads are placed on the ceiling.
  • Once you have decided on all the basics for the doorless shower, you may want to start thinking about the theme of the shower space. Decide on the colors that you want to use and theme that you want your shower enclosure to reflect.
  • Always ensure that there is enough space in the shower enclosure for your bathing essentials. Soaps, shampoos, other toiletries, all need space in your bathroom. Install glass shelves for storage space and always have towel rod, which should be at a suitable distance from the shower head.
Keeping the simplest of the basics in mind should help you create a brilliant doorless shower. It can be as fancy and as simplistic as you want. There are many different doorless shower design ideas that you can try out for your showering space. Just remember that while focusing on the aesthetics and learning to design a doorless shower, you do not miss out on the functionality of the space.