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How to Decorate a Mantel With a Mirror

Aastha Dogra Dec 18, 2018
A well-chosen and well-placed mirror on the fireplace mantel lends it a certain personality. Read on to know more ways of decorating a mantel with a mirror...
A mirror added to any room, be it the living room or bedroom, can lend an unmatched style to it! Mirrors give rooms an illusion of extra space as well as light. And if the mirrors are placed on a fireplace mantel, even more so!
Creatively decorated fireplaces, with some unique looking mirrors on them, are hard to miss. This is the first thing anyone entering the room will notice. So, create a visually stunning focal point for your room, by decorating the fireplace mantel with a mirror.
There are a number of ways in which you can decorate the mantel with a mirror. One word of caution though, whichever idea of hanging/placing the mirrors over the fireplace mantel you choose, see to it that the reflective view in the mirror is pleasing. Otherwise, the whole effect that is created with the mirror will be lost.

The Offbeat Effect

Placing an unusually shaped mirror such as the sun, a heart or a house is the simplest way of decorating a mantel.
There are plenty of options to choose from. If you are the arty types, there are Buddha shaped mirrors too, which will lend an Asian, artistic feel to your room, by their sheer presence. So, search for such unusual looking mirrors and place them on the fireplace mantel in your room.

Collective Reflections

Have mirrors in various shapes, such as a triangle, round, square, rectangle, etc and hang them on the wall together. A good idea here is to give the "mirror collage" a certain shape, like a butterfly or a flower or anything that goes with your other room décor. This "mirror collage" is sure to lend a great visual appeal to your room.


There are plenty of mirrors with attractive broad frames. Choose a striking, in your face kind of framed mirror and hang it on the wall over the mantel. Copper frames look especially good, as they add class to your fireplace mantel design. So, go in for these and add a few copper decoration pieces on the mantel too, for added effect.

Make It Large

Want to make your fireplace look stunning? Get a large mirror, which covers the entire wall between the ceiling and the fireplace mantel. Place a few candles in front of it, to complete the look. This décor works really well, especially if the room is big in size.

A Dash of Color

One of the most creative decorating ideas for a mantel with a mirror is to get a number of small mirrors in the same shape, like a round or a triangle and hang them in three vertical lines, on the wall over the mantel.
The mirrors should be of the same size, but the frames should be of different colors. Light brown, dark brown, black and white, alternate between these frame colors and create a color riot!
Once you have placed the mirror over the mantel, to give it a more defined and complete look, add a few accessories. When choosing accessories, go in for those that are made from dull metals like polished steel and chrome, to balance out the "bling" effect created by the mirror, in the room. You can add a few vases and place some fresh flowers in them.
If the fireplace is in your bedroom, keep a few family photographs and add warmth to your room. For an artistic, Victorian look, you may keep a few candelabras. Small artwork pieces, bonsai plants, decorative, perfumed candles, choose any of these and design an attractive look for your fireplace mantel.
If you are willing to make an extra effort, you can even choose a theme and then plan the fireplace mantel décor according to it.