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How to Decorate Loft Beds

Creative Suggestions on How to Decorate Loft Beds Attractively

Loft beds are ultimate space savers and bed units to be placed in dorms or kids' rooms. No matter whether you have bought a ready-made loft bed or ordered a customized piece, there's a lot of space to spice it up and make it an eye-catching furniture unit. Get some tips on how to decorate loft beds and get started with the project.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Loft beds are amongst the most creative furniture pieces that one can have in their home. These are a smart buy when you have smaller bedroom. Moreover, these are also a popular pick for dorm rooms and kids' room. The classic appeal of these beds makes them a hot favorite of many youngsters.
Well, if there's a bed placed right in your bedroom, I am sure you would be making maximum use of the piece. You can consider decorating these beds and give them a look which just matches with your likes and personality. Need some tips on how to decorate loft beds? Well, then what are you waiting for, just hop to the next paragraph and get some wonderful ideas on turning the plain loft bed into 'your' sleeping space!
Ideas on Decoration
Before we learn some ideas to decorate a loft bed it is essential that you make the space clutter-free. Clean your bed thoroughly and remove the bedding, just leaving behind the mattress. Also clean the floors and dump the waste and damaged things in the store room. Now let's move on to add spice to your bed.
Pick a Color Theme
Opting for a color theme will ensure that your loft bed is nicely decorated. With a color theme you can also play up rest of the elements in the bedroom and maintain the uniformity factor. Go for contrast color schemes with bright shades that will rightly jazz up your bed. Bedding is the primary part that you need to choose according to the color scheme in order to highlight the bed. Add matching pillow covers and get a set of throw pillows which blend well with the color theme.
If this bed is placed in kids' room, you can add a cave styled cover for the bed which comes in fancy colors and designs. Window curtains and area rugs must all match the color theme. You can cover the area beneath the bed by adding a sheer or opaque curtain to the bed frame. This will add an element of privacy to this area and also hide the space, further hiding any clutter and stuff placed there.
Add Decorative Elements
When the basic elements are dressed up, you can move on to decorate the bed frame, its ladder and space below it. One of the ideas is to cover the bed frame with colorful fabric or metallic fabric that fancifies the entire bed. Boys can consider adding decorative magnets, stickers and posters to decorate. Posters and magnets of bikes and cars are best picks for the same.
A climbing rope can be added to one side of the ladder. For kids' and girls' bed, soft toys can be added to this rope and bed frame. Hang small Chinese lanterns that will match the bed theme from the ceiling. Also, hang a large Chinese lantern under the bed, so that it will be used to illuminate the area beneath the bed. You can add a study table with upholstered chair or place a bean bag or relaxing chair in this free space.
Personalize the Space
Well, adding a personal touch it needs no mention. So, it's time to personalize the decorated bed with quotes, phrases and photographs. You can stick a set of large thermocol or plastic alphabets that will read your name over the frame or hang them creatively besides the ladder. A quote or phrase that rightly describes your personality, your special snaps can all be used to accentuate the bed and space around it.
Well, I am sure you can do much more along with the aforementioned tips on how to decorate a loft bed to turn this furniture unit into a stunning sleeping space. Colors, decorative accent pieces, your creative and taste of style can together be used to convert a simple loft bed into a piece that you would love to sleep on and flaunt off!