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How to Decorate a Home Bar

How to Decorate a Home Bar
A well decorated bar says a lot about the effort you've put in to entertain guests. Read on to know how to decorate a home bar, to make party times a little more stylish...
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Oct 24, 2018
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As the holidays come closer, the reasons and occasions to party don't seem enough! This is the time to stock up your bar and fridge, pick up the phone and inform the guests about the party.
However, before you actually get down to inviting people, it's time you take a look at your bar too. Besides being well equipped with booze, a bar needs to be pleasant to look at, easy to use and well kept. Refurbishing your bar or sprucing it a little bit isn't as expensive as you think, if you decide to do it all by yourself.
Themed Bar
The first thing you need to note while decorating a bar is the theme. Your bar will have to follow the same theme as the rest of the room. If the furniture and the setting of your living room is minimalistic in style, you need to keep the bar in the same fashion too.
At The Bar
A simple oak wood, with the same kind of cabinets on top and bottom, is a neutral one that fits all kinds of home decor. Anticipate how the bar will look in the corner, before take a plunge and get it made. Home bar ideas have to be in sync with the rest of the decor for the right impact.
Light Effect
Contemporary Residential Bar At Night
The next most important thing about decorating a bar are the lights. The kind of lights you use can make your bar have a sports bar like effect or a quiet sophisticated bar like effect.
Thus, once you've narrowed down on the theme, you'll get an idea for the kind of lights you would need to have. For a mellow effect, have spot lights in the cabinet instead on top of the bar.
Bar Counter
Pick yellow lighting over white light, as it gives a more dramatic effect. Also, go on for indirect lighting over direct lighting to prevent any disturbance to the eye while drinking.
Adorning Accessories
Cafe Bar
Glasses, mixers, coasters, stirrers, bottles, beer dispensers and other artifacts at the bar are going to add a character to its decorations. Once, again while picking these things, make sure you stick with the theme.
Home Bar
You need to have all types of glasses on display, for all kinds of drinks. Make sure you have enough coasters so that you prevent any kind of staining on the wooden platform. Avoid having hanging glasses at a home bar, as it is inconvenient to clean and susceptible to damage.
Seating Arrangement
Loft Interior Bar Design
One cannot forget to overlook the seating arrangement aspect while answering how to decorate a home bar. No bar is ever complete without bar stools.
Closeup Of Bar Stand
These quintessential seating arrangements give it the typical bar look. They should be of standard height and adjustable too. You can either get them fixed to the floor or you can just place them. Go with the later option as it allows mobility, while cleaning and while sitting as well.
The other option of seating arrangement at the bar is of lounging couches. They are super comfortable and coveted by most home bar owners these days.
The theme you pick for your bar will actually decide the accessories to be bought, the light effects you need to have, the kind of seating arrangement you will need, and so forth.
Decorating a bar is not as difficult as you think, provided you maintain your focus while decorating the bar. Lastly, to add the finishing touches, stash up your bar with the most exquisite booty!