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How to Decorate a Basement

How to Decorate a Basement
Basements are oft ignored spaces in any house. Why waste the space that you have for storing things you do not need, when you can convert into an area that you can use. We tell you how to decorate a basement to create space that you need in your house.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Dec 06, 2018
Shifting things around and changing the way a room looks is a therapy in itself. While you may not be very fond of the change is inevitable school of thought, but yes, sometimes the smallest of change can be very good. So, devoting a weekend to use that space in your basement that has become a secondary attic may be a good way to create space in your house.
It can be a room to relax, to get away from the mundaneness of everyday life or just the extra bedroom that you need when you have guest over. There are many different ideas that you can use to decorate your basement. So, let's take a look at some amazing ideas you can consider to decorate your basement to create different functional and utilitarian spaces.
Decorating the Basement
Just because your basement is dark and dingy does not mean that you will not be able to convert it into a space that is truly cozy. To create a great living space out of your basement, the first thing that you need to do is to ensure that the lighting in the area is not just good, but great.
Try to use mirrors in the space as it will reflect lighting and give you the illusion of a larger and a well-lit space which is very important. Ensure that the colors that you use in the basement are light and warm. Avoid dark colors. Use furniture that is sleek. Decide on a theme and choose furniture from the era. But, keep it to the minimum.
Try to avoid cluttering the space with too much furniture. For every space, you will need a different idea for basement decorating. Most homeowners tend to use their basement in one of the following manners. We give you tips on how you can convert your basement into one of these spaces.
If Your Basement is a Bedroom
Bed and breakfast bedroom
If you are creating an extra bedroom in your basement, then the first thing that you need to do is to start referring to the space as the lower level of the house and not the basement.
Try to further your home's design aesthetics to the basement as well. The staircase leading to the basement should be well-lit and not create a dungeon like ambiance. Instead of using short curtains and draping according to the size of the window, use full length curtains. Use mirrors to reflect the light in the room.
Place the mirror opposite the window in the room, so that natural light is reflected off. Use cozy rugs on the floor so as to soften up the room and make it seem more lived in. Try to keep the furniture in the room to a minimum, restricting yourself to a bed and a wardrobe. This will also give you more space to move around in the room.
If Your Basement is a Library
Built in furniture
Have you always watched those movies set in old manors and castles, which have libraries with floor to ceiling bookshelves, hoping that someday you would be able to create a library in your own house?
Well, you actually can, if you utilize the space in your basement well. The only problem with having a library in the basement is the humidity that can actually ruin the books but a dehumidifier should protect your books from any harm. Choose the theme that you want for your library.
Install bookshelves on the wall and arrange your books according to your preference. Install a false mantle for a semi-Victorian look if it is something that you want. Have a cozy armchair or a recliner in the room and proper and adequate lighting. It can be the perfect space to escape to after a long day at work.
If Your Basement is a Gym
Home Recreation Room
If you are a fitness fanatic who is excited by the idea of having a training room in your own house, then basement home gym can be a dream come true.
With home gyms, you need to concentrate on the flooring. It may be a good idea to have rubber flooring as that will absorb any impact that is caused by heavy weights. Also, it is important that you have proper ventilation, so that there is air circulation in the room.
Any room that you are creating in your basement needs adequate lighting and this goes without saying, even in the case of a home gym. Ensure that you allocate space for every gym machine that you are going to place while creating a gym in your basement. Also look at the option of installing floor to ceiling mirrors on one wall, for a more realistic gym look.
If Your Basement is a Playroom
Father and son playing foosball together at home
Fed up of tripping over your kid's toys? Give him his own room to play in by creating a playroom in the basement.
If you are using this idea, ensure that you use bright colors for the room like yellow, tangerine, bright blues, etc. Also it may be a good idea to have carpeted flooring in the basement which is more children friendly. Have proper lighting in the room. You do not want an accident to happen only because there was no adequate lighting in the room.
Divide the space into a playing area and an arts and crafts zone. Have proper storage for all the toys and a book shelf as well. Because the room is going to be designed for kids, ensure that there aren't many sharp corners and edges.
If Your Basement is an Entertainment Center
Basement Room
If as an adult, you want a space that you can relax in after a long day at work, then a great place to create is an entertainment center cum bar.
For a movie or a music room, you will want to ensure that the basement is acoustically fit. Install acoustic lining on the ceiling and the walls to make to room soundproof. Allocate a small space in the room to a bar and another area to a gaming zone with a snooker table. It can be the perfect space for a small get together with close friends.
With these ideas for basement decorating, we are sure that you should have absolutely no problem creating a space that you love and adore. Learning to decorate a basement is easy once you know exactly what you want in that space.