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How to Cut a Glass Tile

How to Cut a Glass Tile

Kitchen backsplashes are made using glass tiles. However, getting a finely cut glass tile is not an easy task. Follow the steps given below to make your own beautifully cut tiles.
Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre
Cutting glass tiles can be tricky. However, using the right technique can make the job a lot simpler than what it appears to be. Glass tile backsplashes are nowadays preferred by homeowners to give a new look to their kitchen. These tiles are the main requirement for making a backsplash, and are cut into various shapes and sizes for being incorporated in the same. To cut glass tiles in desired shapes, one must follow some instructions to carry out the task smoothly. Instructions given below are simple and can be followed to get glass tiles of various shapes and sizes.

Instructions to Cut Glass Tiles

Materials Required
  • Glass tiles
  • Scrap tiles
  • Glass scoring tool
  • Tile nippers
  • Adhesive tape
  • Metal ruler
  • Cutting board (wooden/ plastic)
Steps to Follow
  • A work table is best for carrying out tasks like glass cutting. But if you do not have one, a plastic or wooden cutting board can work well for you. Place the cutting board in an area where you are comfortable working.
  • Use an adhesive tape to adhere the glass tile firmly onto the cutting board or table to prevent it from slipping.
  • Pick the tile scorer and practice making a score on a scrap tile before beginning with the fresh ones. This will avoid unnecessary wastage of fresh glass tiles.
  • Once you are done with your practice, use the scoring tool to make the desired cut on the upper surface of the tile. Take the help of a metal ruler to make straight cuts along the tile. It is better to apply even pressure to obtain a uniform score.
  • Now, snap the tile along the score to get the desired tile shape. This can be done by holding the tile in your hands and gently bending it to snap it off.
  • To snap tiles with curved scores, invert the tile and apply pressure on the score. This will snap a certain portion on the tile thereby, starting a run. Snap all along the score to obtain the desired shape. If the score is too long, it is better to make small cuts along the score for easy separation of cut glass portions.
  • Use sandpaper to rub glass edges, so as to free them from sharpness and prevent chipping.
  • Place a rug on the floor so that the glass does not break, even if it falls down by mistake. By following these steps, you can obtain glass tiles of several shapes for your backsplash.
Precautions to be Taken
  • Always wear hand gloves to protect yourself from being cut by sharp glass pieces, and wear goggles to prevent them from entering your eyes due to sudden shooting.
  • When snapping a glass tile, do not apply excess pressure if the tile is not breaking, as you can hurt yourself by doing so.
  • Clean the area thoroughly after completing the task to remove glass fragments that could hurt you later on.
  • Dispose any food item that was left open around the work area, to get away with any associated risks.
Things to Remember
  • A nipper is the cheapest tool you can find to cut glass tiles. However, it does not work well for making distinct shapes.
  • For a glass tile with standard thickness, a tile scorer can be used to obtain various tile shapes.
  • For tiles with greater thickness, you can use a wet saw with a diamond-encrusted blade for cutting.
  • Tile scorers usually release a small amount of oil while scoring so that the blades can cut smoothly. Choose a scorer that suits your needs as the scorer quality is responsible for achieving precise tile shapes.
A fair amount of practice will suffice to create tiles of different shapes and sizes. Many tile shops or home suppliers charge a nominal fee for cutting glass tiles. You can always contact them, in case you think, you won't be able to carry out the task with precision.