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How to Choose a Steam Shower

How to Choose a Steam Shower

If you are interested in steam showers, then you have come to the right place. Read the following article and find out more about choosing the best steam shower for your dwelling...
Rutuja Jathar
You must have enjoyed refreshing steam baths and sauna showers in health and beauty spas, gyms or hotel for a number of times. Every time, you must also have wished for a personal steam shower which you can use at your own convenience. If you are longing for the spa-like experience at home, then I have a good news for you. Now you can install steam shower in your very own dwellings. Steam shower is an extremely relaxing luxury which you can install in your bathrooms and enjoy a free sauna shower at any time. There are plenty of steam shower designs and models available which might confuse you as a customer. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a steam shower. However, you can always refer to the following section of the article and learn more about choosing the best steam shower for your homes. So, let's get started!

Residential Steam Showers

When it comes to choosing a custom steam shower, then you need to learn about a few important things. It is because various shower companies offer various prices, designs and entirely different levels of customer service. These basic things include steam shower features for your dwelling, quality and designs of steam showers, price range and customer support and services that manufacturer or the dealer have on offer. Considering all these things will make selection of steam shower units, a really easy job for you.

Steam Shower Features
There are various attractive features of steam showers that you need to shortlist as per your price and space preferences. Hence, first thing that you need to determine is the size of the residential steam shower. You can purchase standalone showers as well as larger sauna-like showers. Larger the shower is, better is the comfort that it has to offer. However, if your dwelling has smaller bathroom, then you can think of corner steam shower with or without enclosures and the wall steam showers. If you have small bathroom which also contains a bathtub, then choosing steam shower tub combo will be the most practical solution. Apart from space saving abilities, there are a number of features that you need to look for, while purchasing a steam shower. Make a choice between shower models like overhead shower and hand held shower. Also look for the features like digital control panel, remote control, steam generators, lighting, extractor fan, thermostatic controllers, ozone sterilization, body jets, foot massage, whirlpool bathtub, and other luxury features like music, radio, speaker and phone connections.

Steam Shower Safety and Quality
First of all, you must grapple with the task of deciding on the features and design of the steam shower that you want. This is important in the process of choosing a steam shower out of hundreds. In this step, you first need to decide about material, safety regulations and safety certificates, sealing on the steam shower door, and other quality control measures. Typically, steam showers are available in the materials like fiberglass and/or high quality acrylic. The shower that you are purchasing should also have the safety glass which ensures safety of you as well as your family. Also make sure that the steam showers that you are buying, have high quality metal columns on their interior as well as exterior. Thickness of aluminum should be at least 1.2mm to 22mm. ISO9001 certificate is a must for steam shower models that you are thinking of purchasing. It should also come with other certificates like ETL SEMKO and CE marking, which is a according to EU (European Union) directives. Before purchasing the steam shower, always perform the popular "shake test"; which involves simply shaking the shower unit. This test tells you about durability of construction of the shower. Apart from all these technicalities, make sure the steam shower that you are purchasing, has an anti-slip base, which is extremely important for your safety.

Steam Shower Reviews
Reviewing more than one steam shower models will allow you to choose the best steam shower unit for your dwelling. Ideal thing to do would be to visit websites of various steam shower manufacturing brands and check their product reviews as well as customer reviews. As far as the best residential steam shower units are concerned, you may like to consider models like Ariel SS-806A Steam Shower, Royal SSWW B-602 Steam Shower Enclosure, Ameristeam P-219 Steam Shower Enclosure, Dreamline SHJC-1238386-00 Atlantica Jetted Shower, LineaAqua Tibet (36 X 36) Steam Shower Enclosure, Aquapeutics Luxury Steam Shower Models, etc.

I hope above information was found useful in your quest for the best steam shower.