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How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Home?

Pragya T Dec 21, 2019
Choosing the right paint color for you home can be a difficult task. However, understanding few home decor basics will help you select the proper paint colors. But, if even this is too much for you, then consider going with simple approaches given here to paint your house...
When it comes to choosing paint colors for the home or for a single room, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind. You need to first understand room colors and their meanings. Every single color means something, and so serves a particular use.
For example, the color blue is calming, which makes it ideal for bedrooms. But, more of that later on. You will also need to understand how the light will be affected because of the wall colors you select. The brighter the color, the more light it will reflect, and the room will look bigger. The opposite is also true.
The last thing you need to consider is, will the person living in the room be happy with the particular home color or not. These are basics which you need to keep in mind and you will be able to find the perfect paint color for you home. However, to simplify this, here are three ideas to help you make your job easy.

Simple Approaches to Choosing the Right Paint Colors

Monochromatic Themes

The safest and one of the most popular themes is using a monochromatic theme. You can simply choose one single color for the entire home. There are many advantages of going with a monochromatic theme.
The biggest advantage of using a monochromatic theme is that you will have the entire house looking harmonious, because only one color is used. Also, the monochromatic colors used generally are white and beige or sometimes gray. All these colors are neutral and go with all the other colors.
For example, you can simply go with a beige wall paint color for the entire house. With this, all different colors will go good. For example, if you have green house plants, or yellow cushions and orange curtains, then all these things will go good with beige walls. Simple, isn't it?

Two Color Themes

Two color themes or dichromatic themes are good for those who want to bring more variety to their interiors. Painting the whole house with a two tone theme can make the walls look quite interesting.
Imagine a room in which you have painted three walls with a light beige color and one wall has some green stencil design on it. It would look nice, wouldn't it?
Dichromatic themes add fun to the indoors and can be made using various colors. Some good color combinations for dichromatic themes are beige-orange, beige-green, beige-blue, beige-sunshine yellow, white-blue, white-purple, gray-red, black-red, lavender-black, lavender-beige, aqua-white, etc.

Treating Rooms Individually

Another approach to choose paint colors for your home is to treat every room individually. As mentioned before, a certain color produces a certain effect in a room, so you can select colors, which produce an effect appropriate to the individual room. Here are some room colors and their meanings.
White means purity and neutrality. Gray can symbolize elegance and balance. Blue is a calming and peaceful color. Green symbolizes nature, health, harmony, and balance.
Brown can mean boldness, roughness, and even nature. Yellow can mean joy, optimism, summer, and sunlight. Red can mean passion and celebration. It can also symbolize heat.
Purple symbolizes royalty, creativity, and mystery. For living rooms, it would be a good idea to use white, beige, light to medium blue, light greens, and light browns. Some people even like to paint their living rooms black.
Blue is ideal for bedrooms, but can also be used for bathrooms, although white or off-white are the best choices for bathrooms. Purple and red are good choices for a girl's room, while blue and brown are good for guys.
These were some ideas that will help you choose the right paint color for your house. So, stick to the color basics, and choose simple yet elegant room paint colors for your home and you will enjoy the moods that these colors bring for years. Good luck!