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How to Choose the Right Bathtub

How to Choose the Right Bathtub

Thinking of buying a new bathtub? Here's a list of a variety of factors you may want to consider. To know how to choose the right bathtub for your bathroom, read on...
Neha Rajan Deshmukh
A place where you are on your own and can purely be yourself. That's how I can define a bathroom! Though it sounds funny, that's true, isn't it? A bathtub is an added advantage in a bathroom where you can have the fun and relaxing time of the day. Not everybody is lucky to have a spacious bathroom. Those who have one, can have a bigger bathtub. But, a small one is also going to give you the same amount of fun! If you are planning to buy a new one for your bathroom, you need to take into consideration a lot of points. Also, the type of bathtub you want to have, matters a lot. Here are some things you can take care of before buying it.

Fix Your Budget

Bathtubs come in a variety of colors, shapes, types and materials. Once you decide upon a budget, you will limit the choices well and thus, won't be in a dilemma as to what you should look for. Think whether the price you have decided will actually fetch you a good product or not. Also, keep your budget a little flexible as it may happen that the tub which you have liked may demand a little more. Don't compromise on the quality as this is a product which you won't keep on changing now and then.

Analyze the Space in our Bathroom

This is the most important factor that will again limit your choice. If you have a spacious bathroom, it is going to be a little tough for you, as you'll have to decide a place as to where exactly you want to place the bathtub. Also, taking into consideration the size of the tub, you'll have to allot a place accordingly. Bathtubs for small bathrooms are always easier to buy because you will have lesser choices and thus, it will become convenient to choose from the array of varieties available.

Decide on a place to install. If it is in the corner, you'll have to choose corner bathtubs only, which are specially manufactured for the purpose. The water inlets and outlets also carry an equally important place in the scheme. Some bathtubs have a drainage at the left side while some have it on the right. That will determine the direction in which your bathtub will be placed. Near the outlet there has to be a drainage hole in the floor so that the water drains away. Hence, also think about that while deciding upon the placement of the tub. You may want to have a hand shower fixed near the bathtub. So, you'll have to take advice from a plumber as to where and how all the fittings will be done and then the place has to be decided accordingly.

What a Bathtub Can Offer You

Technology has actually done wonders. These days, people want to have the experience of a spa or a massage in their bathtub. That is when, whirlpool bathtubs came into picture. Since then, many advancements have taken place and a wide range of luxuries have been introduced in the regular tubs as well. To solve the mobility issues, bathtubs also come with a proper entrance and exit to make it easy for senior citizens and physically challenged to walk in and walk out. Bathtubs also come with light and sound projectors to give you that pleasing and melodious experience. For such a utility, think of consulting an electrician for proper its problem free installation. Some tubs have enough space to accommodate two or three persons at a time! Some may allow the hot water to reach till your neck while some may just allow you to sit in it. Some bathtubs are mobile and hence can be taken out of the bathroom, while some are fixed and can't be moved.

Thus, before you buy, make a list of luxuries that you want to have, of course depending upon your needs. Remember the fact that these luxuries are not for free! Obviously, you'll have to empty your pockets. So, better be very clear with your budget. On the other hand, the material used for bathtubs is also very important. It can be made up of acrylic, porcelain, copper, fiberglass, enamel on steel or cast iron. If it is going to be used every day, go for cast iron as it is very durable. It may be a little costly, but will surely not fetch you problems afterwards. Also, make sure the floor of the bathroom can handle the weight of your bathtub. As water would fill in and considering your body weight, the tub is going to be very heavy. I would suggest you to take advice from your contractor or a renovation center regarding the same.

Lastly, all I would say is that it all sums up to your personal choice. Analyze certain things like the size, budget, frequency of use, material and the luxuries that accompany. Once you are clear with your needs and the budget, buying the perfect bathtub for your bathroom won't be a difficult task!