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Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Front Door Color for Your House

How to Choose the Front Door Color for Your House
You do like to 'make an entrance', don't you? The right color for the front door of your house can help you do that. A suitable color can make your house inviting, as well as aesthetically appealing, in accordance with your house's exteriors. This DecorDezine post will tell you how to choose the perfect color for your front door.
Pushpa Duddukuri
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Door knob
"I understood immediately that to get success I had to make for the front door, not for the back one."
~ Jean Gabin
Why do we have doors? For ventilation, privacy, and protection from intruders? The fact is, we don't give enough credit to the front door of the house. Tell me, how many times in a day do you think about doors, especially the front door of a building or house? You don't at all, unless you are denied entry through it. The front door of your house creates the first impression of what lies beyond it, and makes the first step into your house an unforgettable one. So, if you are thinking of repainting your front door, you must remember these pointers before you venture out shopping for paints.
How to Pick the Right Color for the Front Door
It is rather difficult to have an objective view of something you see every day. That's why you need to take a picture of the front door. The picture preferably, should be 4x6 inches. Cut out the front door from the picture, and place paint chips from the hardware store behind the photo. This will enable you to see how the facade of your home will look in various colors.
Note the style of your home and your own taste while choosing a paint color. The color of the door should conform with the brick color and exterior walls. Also, if you have a traditional home, and you don't want to experiment too much, you can pick deep colors, such as black, navy blue, or dark red, etc. However, if contemporary is more like your style, you can choose bold hues or a color which is completely unexpected.
First, check your neighborhood before making any decision. You don't want your front door to be the odd one out in a bad way. Strike a balance between trying to blend in the neighborhood and leaving a lasting impression.
Keep in mind that medium shades might not be ideal for your front door. Traditionally, people choose either light colors, like whites, cream, taupe, tan, etc., or dark colors. Contrasting the exteriors from the color of the door is a good idea. It automatically highlights the door, making it more welcoming.
All in all, whichever color you choose, it should leave an endearing impression of the house. When your guests are standing in front of your home, the door should encourage positive thoughts about the interiors.
Once you pick the color of your liking, you can paint the door with a sample of the paint. Before doing that, you have to remove the hardware, dirt, and finishing of the door. If you don't like the end result, you can always choose another one.
Color Matters
If you have put your house on the market, or your house exteriors badly need a low-budget makeover, here is what you can do. You can paint your front door in a color that can transform its look.
Fiery Crimson
Red Entrance Door
Impossible to miss, red color has a welcoming energy about it. If you have adjoining windows, they will balance out its fierceness. Contrast it with pale exteriors.
Elegant Indigo
Blue Entrance Door
The look of a traditional house can be spruced up with a brilliant color. And what color could be both demure and bold than indigo? Who knew being blue could be this fun?
Swanky Orange
Orange Entrance Door
A loud color with high energy, an orange-colored door looks good in both traditional and contemporary houses. Frame it with a neutral color to reduce its intensity.
Dramatic Black
Front Door
Increase the curb appeal of your pale-looking house by painting the door black. It offers a chic yet timeless appeal. But be careful, as it can look gloomy too.
Eternal Sunshine
Yellow Georgian Door
A vibrant yellow greets your guest with warmth and energy. Even during the monsoon blues and chilly winters, your curb will look bright and perked up.
Harmonious Green
Green Entrance Door
Using the color green with white, mixes old with fresh elements. It represents peace, compassion, and growth. Up there with the best colors, it looks sophisticated and stunning.
Sky Blue
House front door
A door of this color comes across as calm and serene; a retreat from the cold, harsh realities of the world. It is quite popular among homeowners.
Lemony Green
Red brick house
It bellows, "Come in". Combining it with brick or wooden siding, it works out well for a rusty, exterior décor. It is fresh, fun, and bold―everything you would want in a door color.
Your home's facade has a lot to say about you. It can invoke a feeling of grandeur or warmth. The front door is the most prized asset of the exterior décor. When you enter the house, it is the first thing you lay your hands on, and while leaving, that's the last touch you get from the house. It is not just a swinging barrier that provides you access to the interiors of your home, but an entrance that builds its character. So, choose the right color with much deliberation.