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How to Buy a Loveseat

How to Buy a Loveseat

Planning to renovate your home? Seeking ideas to furnish your new studio apartment? What could be more stylish than a loveseat in a cozy corner of your living room? Read more to seek ways to find your perfect loveseat...
Anuja Marathe Kanhere
The word loveseat stirs up an idea in your mind about a perfectly romantic space to cuddle up with someone special. These were originally built in the shape of the alphabet 'S' in order to help a couple sit closely, but not too closely. Today, it has much more to it than its attractive name. It looks classy, saves precious space, and helps create an attractive cozy look in your living room or den. And it is a perfect spot to perch on a rainy day with a cup of steaming coffee and your favorite book to keep you company. So what should one look out for when searching for an ideal loveseat? Here are a few ideas...

Types of Loveseats

Its essential to understand the features you are looking out for in an ideal loveseat. Some of the popular versions of loveseats are:
  • Traditional British Loveseat: Ideally made with an exposed hardwood framework and plain pastel or a floral fabric, this classy loveseat is bound to add an English touch to your home.
  • Recliner: This is a loveseat with an inviting overstuffed look to make for a good resting spot at the end of the day. The base of this piece is usually fixed but the backs of the two sections are separately reclinable.
  • Armless Loveseats: This is a loveseat without any arms on its sides. These are bound to give your home an exotic look.
  • Sleeper Loveseat: A thoughtful option to choose, this loveseat is ideal for a studio apartment or a small living room. It doubles up as a bed for an unexpected guest. It usually comes with a spring mattress and an extendable framework.
Buying the Perfect Loveseat

There are various factors that you need to keep in mind before you splurge on that perfect loveseat. Besides the factors mentioned below, you obviously will have to choose from the types of loveseats mentioned above. Here are the other factors you will have to keep your eye on.
  • Budget: Setting up a budget is a crucial part of the game. The prices of loveseats vary with their utility and quality of material used. Prices range from a meager sum of $150 to something as high as $1000 for a state-of-the-art recliner loveseat.
  • Space: Carefully measure the space reserved for the seating area in your living room. Ideally, the breadth of a loveseat is anything between to 2.5 to 3 ft and the length ranges between 5 to 6 ft. Does your dream loveseat fit into the free space of your living room? Also a loveseat is meant to seat only two persons. Before you choose one, be sure to plan for more pieces of seating furniture to accommodate a few more friends in your living room. Do analyze the renovated look of your home before you go any further.
  • Location:All loveseats look attractive. However, you need to be careful that the loveseat suits the location where it is placed. e.g. a state-of-the-art bamboo loveseat with a fixed back would look beautiful in a verandah or a cozy reading space in your bedroom. Basically, the loveseat must create a fine melange with the setting.
  • Frame: Selection of an ideal loveseat frame is essential. Make sure to buy a sturdy, long-lasting hardwood frame such as one in rosewood or oak. A metal frame made of steel is a good option too, but some find it a bit on the heavy side. Avoid frames made of iron as they are bound to rust over a period of time if not properly coated with powder. The height of the frame may vary with the look of the rest of the space.
  • Quality: Ensure that the quality of the material that goes into making the loveseat is not sub-standard. Look out for corner brackets, metal screws and wooden dowels. After all, you would want your loveseat to stay in one piece for many years ahead. Make sure that the finishing touches added to the frame during its construction are up to the mark.
  • Material and Fabric: Choosing the right material is the most important and exciting part of your new purchase. After all it reflects your taste and who doesn't like to make a style statement? The type of fabric or material chosen ideally differs with the planned location of the loveseat. A loveseat located in the sun room should usually have a white or light pastel shaded material while the one in the den can do with black or brown colored leather material. The design of the loveseat framework is a deciding factor too. You just can't stick to some set standards in this matter! Buying a long-lasting material with a good feel is the best bet even if it means shelling out a few more dollars.
When you are looking to invest in a loveseat, all I can say is that your home is a mirror image of your personality. So be absolutely sure when you choose anything new to decorate your home. After all, wouldn't you like your home to make a lasting impression on everyone's mind?