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How to Buy a Bunk Bed That Will Express Your Personality

How to Buy a Bunk Bed
Bunk beds are a convenient and space-saving option for small living space. Peppy as they look, they add charm to the kids' bedroom, and also provide you with certain attachments to store their belongings. Here are some of the different features and the types of bunk beds.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019
Bunk beds have become common in almost every household. The very idea of climbing on top of the bed is probably the most interesting feature that attracts kids so much. Loft beds and bunk beds are also placed in hostels because they occupy minimum space and simultaneously, two or more people can sleep on a single bed.
Sleeping on a bunk bed is a wonderful experience for those who have one with all features in it. On the contrary, if you purchase a bunk bed without enough space in between the berths, it will be uncomfortable.
Tips on How to Buy a Bunk Bed
Material of the Bed
wooden bunk bed
Good quality wood is probably the best material for a bunk bed. You can customize the framework according to your choice or purchase ready-made bed. A wrought iron or metal bed having support panels made of wood is also sturdy.
Primarily, the bed should be crafted from solid wood, and you should never compromise with the quality. You can shake the bed a little, to ensure that it's stable on the ground. Check that all the four legs have a strong grip with the ground and they are of equal size.
Size of the Bed
bunk bed size
The size depends on the height of the person who will be sleeping on it. The standard bunk bed size is 39" x 75". This should be the dimension of a single loft. You can adjust the width and the length accordingly.
However, make sure that there's plenty of room for turning on the sides and the legs don't hang out from the bed. Therefore, keep the measurement of your bed larger than your height.
Bunk beds for kids should be wide enough to avoid any mishap while sleeping. The thickness and the size of the mattress is determined after choosing the size of the bed. You should ensure with the dealer that the bunks are durable enough to carry the weight of the mattress.
Types of Bunk Beds
loft bed
Basically there are two types of bunk beds, viz. twin-over-full and twin-over-twin. You can also purchase triple sleepers and multi-utility loft beds, attached with drawers, tables and racks.
Space In Between the Bunks
space between the bunk bed
What you can do is, sit on the lower bunk and see that your head doesn't touch the base of the upper bunk. There should be at least 15 inches free space above your head.
The upper bunk should be well away from the ceiling so that you do not bump your head while climbing up and coming down.
Bunk Bed Safety Attachments
bunk bed attachments
Check the safety features for the bunks. The bed should be well equipped with high guard rails and side panels.
Check for a bed that has a solid footboard and a head guard. Your bunk bed plan should also include the ladder, that you can either attach with the bed or keep separately.
You can look for the latest designs of bunk beds online or walk directly into furniture showrooms. Go through the product specifications in details and make a purchase that would be worth for you. I mention once again, do not compromise the quality of the product with its price.