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How to Build a Walk In Shower

How to Build a Walk In Shower
A walk in shower is a very attractive and functional element in a bathroom. If you are handy in repairing stuff around the house, then you can install the shower yourself.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2019
With our hectic life there is hardly any time for us to enjoy a luxurious soak in a bathtub. A quick shower is what most people are looking for while they get ready to start their day. But there is no reason why a shower enclosure cannot be classy and elegant looking.
A good design for a shower enclosure is a walk in shower that is installed in a corner of the bathroom which comes with multiple shower heads. A walk in shower is an enclosed shower that is level with the floor of the bathroom, but separated from the rest of the bathroom to protect it from any water spills.
A walk in shower needs to have a good waterproofing system and the floor needs to be built with a slope so that water can easily flow out through an outlet. Walk in showers can be built in myriad of styles and designs and it can be something as simple as a shower enclosure with a glass pane or a more elaborate one built with granite tiles and glass blocks.
Whatever design you choose for a walk in shower, make sure that your bathroom has enough space for a walk in shower and the placement of the showers is functional.
How to Install a Tiled Walk in Shower
A tiled walk in shower is one of the most attractive option for a DIY walk in shower project. Before you install a walk in shower in your bathroom there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Consider the size of a walk in shower that you want to install as well as the placement of the shower in the bathroom.
If you have a tiny bathroom, having a large walk in shower is not feasible as it would take up a lot of space and not leave enough space for the rest of the bathroom fittings like sink, vanity and WC. Placement of the shower should also be well thought out so that the bathroom looks elegant and not messy.
Things required
Plumbing tools
  • Wall tiles
  • Tile adhesive
  • Shower head
  • Tile grout
  • Plumbing tools
  • Shower pan
  • Silicone
To install a walk in shower without doors, first check the level of the sub floor. A slight slope towards the drainpipe hole is desirable since it allows to flow out quickly, leaving the shower dry.
Next clean the area where you are going to install the walk in shower and remove any dirt or debris. Install the shower pan by aligning the drainpipe assembly that comes with the shower pan, over the drainpipe hole.
Silicone sealant
To install the shower pan over the sub floor, apply silicone to the underside of the shower pan and the surface of the sub floor and press the shower pan in place. Allow the silicone on the shower pan to cure for at least 48 hours before you move on to the next part of the project.
Before installing the wall tiles for the walk in shower, check if the surface of the walls are perfectly vertical or not with the help of a plumb bob. Mark the areas where you are going to install the shower heads and shower knobs.
Applying grout whit rubber trowel red tiles
Now mix the tile grout according the instructions given on the package and then apply it with a flat trowel to fill cracks on the wall.
Tile adhesive mixing
Once this is done, apply the tile adhesive on the wall. Starting from the lower left hand corner of the wall, start placing the tile over the tile adhesive. Once you reach the end row, you might need to cut some of the tiles, to make them fit perfectly over the wall surface.
Shower head
Finally install the shower head and the shower knobs with the help of flanges and screwdrivers.
Modern bathroom walk-in shower
Now, your walk in shower installation is complete.
If you wish, you can also install a shower door or enclosure made with glass or glass block. Building your own walk in shower requires a lot of plumbing skills and patience, but doing it yourself can help you cut costs and customize it according to your needs.