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How to Build a Screened Porch

Palmira S Oct 30, 2018
A screened porch can be used for various purposes. Here are some instructions that you need to follow while building this structure.
A porch is a structure that is located at the exterior of the main building. It can serve several purposes. A screened porch, as the name suggests, is a porch that is covered by window screens.
The window screens protect you from direct sunlight and increase the usability of a porch. You can place potted plants and furniture in this space, and relax.


Materials Required

  • 6 x 6 treated/exterior grade wood
  • 2 x 4 treated/exterior grade wood
  • Decking lumber

Steps for Construction

For a screened porch, a flat roof on top of your home or building is required. While constructing this, care should be taken about protection.
  • Set up the area where you want to construct the deck. Find out the location of the roof drain and the slope of the roof. Take care that the roof water is not blocked after its construction.
  • With a carpenter's chalk line, mark the outline on the deck of the roof such that it forms a square. Fix the direction of the 6 x 6 wooden beams which act as the base. These wooden beams, also referred to as sleepers, do not block the flow of water. So, the sleepers and the slope of the roof should face in the same direction.
  • Based on the size of the layout, cut the sleepers and install them. Position them on the roof, where the deck is going to be placed.
  • Place the sleepers and lay a piece of decking across all of them and secure each one.
  • The next step is installing the windshield. It would be best to opt for plexiglass, as it is the most economical product for this job.
  • In order to install it, the posts need to be carved. The posts should not be less than 38 inches above the deck.
  • If the wind blows heavily, you can increase the height to approximately 44 inches, which is capable of accommodating a larger windshield.
  • You can also cut the posts according to the desired height. However, make sure that you cut an extra 5½ inches, and that this extra part runs along the post.
  • All the posts should be installed at all the corners, wherein, a distance of 48 inches should be maintained between two posts.
  • Slip the notch of the post above the outside face of the sleeper and secure it on the side of the sleeper. To avoid splitting of wood, offset the bolts diagonally from one another and use two hot-dipped, galvanized threaded bolts with hex heads of size ¾ x 6½ inches.
  • After you have completed installing the posts, it is time to install the decking. Fix two stainless steel screws of size 1½ inches at each location, where the deck material overlaps with the sleeper. The distance between the screws should be consistent throughout.
  • Fit a rail with a 2 x 4 inch bottom, between the posts which are 2 inches above the deck. Make a notch of size ½ x ½ inch with the help of a router. Screw it to the post. Follow the same procedure for the top rail as well.
  • Now, install the plexiglass. Place it between the post and groove of the bottom rail. Place the top rail and slide the notch over the plexiglass.
  • Fasten the top rail and check the level. After installation of the rails and the glass, add wooden stops of size 1 x 1 inch to all the sides of the glass.
  • The final step is to lightly sand the porch and then stain the sealing, according to the general outlook of the house.
Always try to place the furniture according to the style and space within the porch. You always have the option of laminating the flooring to make it weatherproof, as the floor is just as important as the walls and ceiling.
In the aforementioned procedure, the materials suggested are easy to get and use. However, you can also use the ones that you like or are comfortable with.