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How to Build a Porch Roof

Palmira S Oct 17, 2018
A porch roof can prove to be an attractive addition to your house. Let's see the steps for building the same.
A porch roof is an addition which, along with giving protection, can also enhance the look of your house. While building one, make sure that the material and its color gels well with the look of the house. A porch adds a lot to a person's comfort zone.
The materials you will require for the building process are blueprint, lumber, roofing materials, concrete, and nails. Before you start, check if this construction will suit your house and think about whether it will make a useful addition.
If there are some weak spots in your house, then it is not a good idea to build it. Hence, make sure that your house is strong enough to carry the weight of the roof. Before you begin the actual process, obstacles like a hanging tree limb, telephone poles, or power lines should be removed.
Then, draw a blueprint to simplify the work. You can either refer to an architect or a drawing professional for drawing the blueprint. If you are planning to run power to your porch, then make sure that electrical outlets are included in the plan. The porch should match the roof in pitch and shape.
Check if the level of the porch is even. If it is not in level, then you have to raise it and fill the gaps with concrete. If the porch is going to be on a concrete slab which is not leveled, then you will have to compensate for it by manipulating the length of the support poles.
The next step is to lay out the support posts which can be round or square-shaped. These posts will hold up the roof. If the porch is the raised deck, then the posts should be placed above support posts which will make the roof support extensions to the lower deck supports.
The number of roof posts should be the same as that of the deck supports. Secure the posts to the deck with the help of bracing materials. Purchase an appropriate size which is available at any lumber shop. The support posts should be vertically plumb.
Now, you can install the top plate. Attach the top plate to the posts, which in turn will form a boxlike shape. Then, attach the rafters to this box shape.
If you want, you can also opt for a double-plated top plate. Make sure that all the plates are thoroughly cleaned and well-sanded. The board should be placed correctly on the posts. Splices and joints should be over the support posts and should be secured with lag bolts.
The next step is to install the rafters. As drawn in the blueprint, mark the locations of the rafters. After you have marked the points, cut the rafters. While doing this, make sure that you leave enough space for the overhang. For securing the rafters, use metal connectors.
Now, cover the roof with a plywood. The last and final step is to shingle the roof. After you install shingles, take care that you clean it as well.
This was all about how to build a porch roof. This can add an extra protection factor to your house and also for the members of your family.