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How to Build an Indoor Waterfall to Adorn Your Home

Sourabh Gupta Sep 24, 2018
Waterfalls, whether natural or artificial, are always enchanting. They are incredibly beautiful, and add to the surrounding beauty. Having one indoors is a joy that few experience. Find out how to build an indoor waterfall.
Indoor waterfalls provide a very soothing atmosphere inside a house, plus, they are modern, elite, and a luxurious addition to any living room or garden. The sound of water falling from a height is what people fall in love with.
Everything about waterfalls is fascinating, but it takes a great deal to build a perfect water fountain inside a house. The design and size depends upon the amount of space available, and the extent of your imagination. If you can think creative, you will have gobs of ideas to make it captivating.
It's not about stacking up rocks and putting up a pump which can take the water to a height and release it. Instead, it's a mix of art and engineering to create an extraordinary piece of beauty inside the house. The atmosphere created by the falling water is perfect for indoor plant life. Enhance the effect of the waterfall by adding light to it.

Building a Simple Indoor Waterfall

Things Needed
  • Container
  • Submersible pump
  • Weir
  • Water tubing
  • Your choice of decorating items
The first requirement is creative thinking. Think how well can you use the decorative items that you have in hand. In case of any difficulty, buy an instruction kit that is readily available in the market.
  • Take a large container to hold the decorative items, a submersible pump, and all the inner workings of the fountain, and keep them all submerged inside the water.
  • Weir is a low dam kind of a wall that accumulates the water from the pump. It allows water to flow through the container of the fountain. Attach the pump, and weir with the help of tubing.
  • When the weir gets full with water, it releases the water into a container. Make sure you hide the weir under miscellaneous decorative items, keeping in mind that it has to create a soothing atmosphere.
  • Just plug in the pump and watch the beauty of the small waterfall.

Building an Indoor Fountain Waterfall

Things Needed
  • A rod or metal bracket
  • Hanging fountain assembly chain
  • Fountain bowl
  • Mist maker unit
  • Center stand
  • A lid for top of center stand to prevent water from splashing
  • The bracket should be mounted at a height firmly with the help of screws. While mounting, ensure that there is a wall stud.
  • Put the wall fountain hanging assembly on the surface.
  • Now, place a bowl in the large ring on the hanging assembly.
  • You need to carefully lift the hanging assembly by the top ring.
  • Hang the ring over the bracket hood.
  • Place mist maker unit and center stand inside the bowl and add water.
  • Curve the mist unit wire along one of the chains. Make sure that the ac adapter chord reaches the end of the mist maker wire.
  • Put a lid on top of the center stand and hook the ac adapter to the misting unit.
  • Plug in the ac adapter and enjoy the beauty of the wall fountain.
These small waterfalls are an eye-catching piece of decoration. You can use a variety of decorative items to enhance their beauty - for example, use items made of ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, glass, and marble. Pebbles, colorful stones, bamboo, driftwood, and even gemstones add to its beauty, giving it a natural look.