How to Build a Home Theater Riser

Shashank Nakate Sep 26, 2018
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When you think about the construction of a home theater, the inclusion of risers is an important step. Adding this feature to the design makes it comfortable for viewing the screen. This article provides some information regarding building up of this feature.
Home theaters are a part of modern-day houses, which provide us with a quality viewing experience. To make the seating arrangement easy and comfortable for the viewers, risers are installed in the design of a home theater room.
Before one starts the construction, the height of the ceiling should be taken into account, in order to build a riser. This height should be around 8 feet, and hence, it provides enough space for viewing without affecting the viewer's comfort.


The first step in building a home theater riser is to determine its dimensions. The width and depth of this feature should be 8 and 5 feet, respectively, and its height should be 12 inches. A 5 feet riser can easily accommodate 3 chairs or a couch.
The riser's platform is built from studs that are 2 inch by 6 inch in dimension, which are actually 1 ½ inches by 5 ½ inches, when manufactured. The platform's framework consists of 9 studs that are fixed at a distance of 12 inches from each other, each of them are 69 inches in length, and fixed on two 96 inch studs that form the front and back of platform.
When all the studs are assembled, it forms a platform that is 8 feet by 6 feet. The thickness of the front and back studs in addition to the 69 inch ones, makes a total depth of 72 inches, i.e., 6 feet.
The next step is to build the second platform above the first one. The total height of the riser after the construction of both the platforms becomes 12 inches. The second frame is similar to the basal one, except for the depth that is 5 feet. After assembling the second frame on top of the first one, it should be covered with a 1 inch thick plywood sheet.
Now, the construction part is almost finished. One can install a carpet above the platform to make the surface look more attractive. It is a great idea to have an inward curve to the riser. In order to create one, the studs should be cut at angles that increase from the first stud towards the inner ones.
The first and the ninth stud should have the same angle, and the second and eight should have a slightly smaller angle than the former, and so on. Thus, an arc is formed along the riser's width that looks attractive, and also reduces the chance of somebody tripping over the steps.
The height of the riser should not pose problems in the installation of the projector, if proper adjustments are made in advance. Following the given procedure and steps will help to make a riser, for viewing the screen at a comfortable angle.
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